Monday, February 04, 2008


"Do you know who am I?? If you are bad, I am more bad than you. Do you know what I am going to do? If you vomit, I will make you clean it. "
These were the exact words i heard. not translated, but in accented english. The sentence was followed by more abusive ones, but i do not remember the exact words, but it included threats to make him clean the entire toilet (Which toilet?? the ones in train!), starving him for days.. As if she worked with the Abu Garib prison..

Whom to whom??

A mother to the son.
A 35-ish lady to a 11-ish boy.
I wished they were not from Kerala(Gads own cantree.....), but as usual, they turned out to be proper mallus...

  1. The state of being a mother.
  2. The qualities of a mother.
  3. Mothers considered as a group.

This incident in the train reminded me of this post of Rahul. Similar, very similar. The Lady, accompanied by her husband ( fielding a dull, sad face for obvious reasons.) and her kid were sharing the same cubicle with me. I still dont know, how on earth, do I, always end up with co passengers, who speaks on the mobile phone loud, Play music on the phone loud enough for the entire train(of course the music will be irritating as well), who would keep luggages on MY seat, and not bother to move it even on request, and so on and so on. May be because i travel single, that makes it flexible for the TTE.

Coming back to the mother and the son, it all started with the boy crying out for PEPSI. Of course i do believe PEPSI is a vile drink, and I do not recommend it to kids. I do drink it, when I need to work overnight, even though the next day will follow with disgusting upsets in my stomach.

So it started. The boy was a chip off the old block(the mother, not the father), in terms of annoyance. But I was surprised with the way the lady spoke, shouting, yelling, screaming, shreaking, etc etc, as if to someone who cheated her for her life time savings. It was just a boy crying out for PEPSI. The husband was embarrassed, NOT mentioning a word, head drooping low, not able to face any other passengers, while the mother continued to yell at least for half hour, until the cater boy managed to get the black drink.

I believe, Its normal for children to cry out for things they like. But i found it NOT appropriate for a mother to behave to her son the way she did. Funny, very funny, was when she ordered, and screamed at her husband later on, as if to a slave.

I see a lot of irresponsible mothers, more on the wealthier side of the society. And they blame the kids for everything. Reminds me of the school shoot out in Delhi.

An irresponsible parent molds an even more irresponsible and arrogant citizen.
I better NOT parent one.



Brainybeauty said...

u know some parent s are reely bad...though most of them are good...
well..this is nt related to ur blog..still ..
are u bald?

survivingbrain said...


Or did you mean Bad?

Of course I aint bald yet!!

But bad enough to be disqualified to be a responsible parent !

Brainybeauty said...

well....ppl have told me tht you grow hair to cover your baldness!

survivingbrain said...

ha ha.. i dont grow my hair..
it grows by itself.

And i dont think i need to hide my baldness, if i have any..

Brainybeauty said...

ya right!

shiva said...

you seem to be to keen on generalising things with certain examples that you prefer to choose..............