Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The resignation letter.


white, light, fades away
on this bright, white, paper stripe
which spells, dark, lines in gray
and points, far, far away

and then it flies, down, down the hill
and then it sinks, sinks, in to the lake
and it spreads, thick lines of ink
and it flows, down, down the will

and the sun, dries, the lines of hopes
once penned, downed, with firm strokes
and once held, close in to the palm
and once read, heart, a hundred times

and then it slips, down, in to the grass,
and then it went, away, carried away,
like the thin, clean, air of smoke
from an old, tint, tobacco pipe

then the blurred, spread, shades of blue
said in calm, cold, shades of rust
the tale, of, the faded lines
which signed, off, off the life..


Monday, October 18, 2010



I cannot expect the acetyl Choline in the brain of the person standing a kilometer or less or more, to move to a synapse I chose, from a million combinations available for it to travel.


These days.


could not find better words to describe these days. )



Why is it that we feel like doing nothing at all mostly when we have to do a lot of things for our survival?


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The great Indian Moral Brigade.


People want to preserve the Indian culture. 
In fact, lots of people want to.

I remember the saffron brigade. They harassed a brother and a sister, and forced them to marry each other on feb 14. Well.. the reason? They were seen together on that particular day. I dont think even Saint Valentine would have seen that day with that importance. So important that no matter what, the glass windows of Archies gallery will be normally broken on that day. 

Makes me feel. Is the Indian culture limited to girls and boys NOT seeing each other? The recent developments looks like Indian culture is all about chastity. Feels like Indian culture is about girls and boys of teen age or higher or lower not meeting each other. Feels like its all about NOT having a drink together.

I saw the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games. I watched with awe, the "Bharath Darshan" by Indian railway. I saw the colour of India. I saw the soul, I saw the life of India. I saw what they used to mean by Unity in diversity. I heard the drums pound. I loved every bit of the common India. That was the same India I used to love when I used to travel all over India some time back. That was the India I used to see. The  only act I could not tolerate was the hopeless performance of A R Rahman. His act did not have any element of India. The music had distorted guitar, and background dance with hopeless costumes and choreography which did not have any remote resemblance with anything of Indian origin. 

Then, yesterday, I saw the Karnataka Parliament. led by the same saffron Brigade. Trying to get through the non confidence motion. I see the games people play to stay in power. I see the moral Brigade. In action.

What has happened to the people? Is it that every generation is giving birth to more kids who are blind? Why is it that we have more of these kind of people in power with every year that dies by?

And, all we are bothered, is if girls and boys are having any Intimate relationships. If they exchange cards on feb 14. If they show bared breasts of a lady in TV.  Indian culture is being reduced to hiding body parts, and restricting boys and girls from interacting with each other. 

What ever happened to the Indian culture of tolerance? Whatever happened to the Indian culture of Love? Will the saffron brigade and the moral police ever look forward to grab the guys who steal millions of the taxpayers money?

NASA, the oldest pub in Bangalore is closed. Thanks to the moral police who wants every pub to be closed by 11.30. It is as if pubs are the only threat to the public. 

And thanks to the moral brigade, Indian men are the most perverted, they sport an erection every time a lady walks the road with a small portion of her cleavage in display, and then they ask the lady to dress well. And then they ask them to wear the traditional saree and stare at the small piece of belly button. They comment at every lady who are bold enough to break the rules. 

Sometimes, its like a man eating a full meal after being starved for about a month. 
The solution, is all about not letting the man starve.
Its all about respect to each other. 


PS: I am NOT biased to any political party. I hate this aspect of the saffron brigade, and that does not mean in any way I endorse any other political party. I an not a supporter of the congress party, nor the left nor any other party. I just expressed my difference of view in some aspects. No offence Intended. 

Saturday, October 09, 2010



For unhappiness comes ONLY when you dont get MORE of happiness.


Friday, October 08, 2010

Soulmate - VI


I, see, the hazy light
I, see, the obscure night

I, feel, the quiet wave
I, feel, the  tranquil soul

I, touch, the cold, skin
I, touch, the darkest sin

I, hear, the unknown, sound
I, hear, the time, unwound

I, feel, the warm, drops
Of, my, soul mate, untied

I, reach, to the silhouette
I, run, fingers, untrained

I, search, the coldest night
For my soul,
for my mate.


Tuesday, October 05, 2010



Sreejith is gone.
We can discuss and write all the good things he was. But that will never get him back.
may his soul rest in peace.


Monday, October 04, 2010

Praying for the end of the world.


Is it because I hate the present state of affairs, or is it that I am basically a sadist?


Saturday, October 02, 2010

GODs and The Ayodhya verdict.


Reports from the heaven says high tension upon the Ayodhya verdict.
Rumours are that both RAM and the PROPHET are planning to appeal in the SCH.
(Supreme court of the Heavens).


::And in case if they are not doing anything at all, why should we do something at all, in earth?::

Friday, October 01, 2010



I might not talk sensible.
Drunk or not.
Talking sensible never made me rich.