Monday, November 24, 2008

Of men and women.


The differences are not just with the body. And these indifference's have been the reason for the battle of the "sexes", right from the time when man and women evolved. No one knows, why the female of the species are built physically weaker than the man. people believe, that's one good reason why the ladies believe they are weaker. The reason why they feel they have to be liberated. The reason why they fight (try hard) to improvise something called gender equality.

I don't think so. period.

Its all about the vagina. It is. From what i learn, with 28 years of experience on earth, the female genital is nothing but a piece of tissue, with a hole connecting directly to the womb, the passageway of semen into the ovary, to conceive. to reproduce. Oh yes, there is something called the clitoris, which is supposed to be the point of pleasure.

This narrow passageway, and the area surrounding it, or colloquially, the 'hole', is a hot topic of discussion among men of almost all age groups. It is normally invisible to men because of the multitude of layers of fabric that covers it. Right from pre teen ages, the curiosity of boys, as to "what is inside" goes on the rise. What I cannot understand though, is the curiosity of some of the old age men, who have been having sex for more than half of their life time.

The more the curiosity, the more is the need to protect it. Girls are advised to keep their hole intact till marriage. The failure, of which results in catastrophe as big as the super nova explosion. It should not be seen, or touched by men. But its fine if its a women!!!

No wonder, why  men invented the rape. The art form was there from times since mankind invented chastity, since they invented marriage. 

And yes, they are void of freedom. 
They are afraid, to lose the sanctity of the hole.  They have to be under protection of men, since they are physically weak. I don't believe if women  feel suppressed, for any other reason. 

Its all about the hole.

And again, why is it that women have to be liberated from men??

Its not men who caged the women, they are chained by the stupid concepts of chastity. 

Imagine, what can happen, if all women lost their virginity pre - marriage?? 
That all men would remain bachelors??
That men would never fall in love?  
Men would be forced to!!

Women are prisoners of their own hole, of their own body.  The vagina is a hot piece of tissue - not because of its beauty, but because of the unavailability. 

Gold is expensive because its rare. There was a time when aluminium was expensive than gold, because there was no known way to extract it economically. People would fight  and kill for aluminium.

Yes, people kill and rape for the female sex organ. Its high time the hype surrounding it be removed.  I believe the face of a beautiful lady is far, far beautiful than her genital.  I am not experienced enough to measure the beauty of the mind, for i do not have a good measuring instrument. 

There is nothing like gender equality. You cannot compare the penis with a vagina. None is superior either. 
Ladies, stop crying for equality. Liberate yourself. You don't need a million people rally for that. 


(Yes, the image accompanying has been copied from the Internet. Shamelessly.)

Heart shaped Jigsaw


That piece of jigsaw doesnt belong to my box.

But I am cutting the edges of my pieces to accommodate it.

Yes. I am cutting my pieces. 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sunset Blues

I am trying hard to write humour. 

Only to realise that one should not be trying hard to write humour. 

Friday, November 14, 2008


I am trying hard to be better.
Good thing, I atleast know i have to try hard.

Monday, November 10, 2008

that thin piece of paper.

I still dont know why I titled this post that way. I dont think I will ever know anyway.

Some thing prompts me into writing. Every time I open my blog to see if there is any activity, a new comment, or whatsoever, I see the same old last post. I need a change. I need to post something. 

And that is where the problem "lies".

Gone are those days, when I would write, because what ever thought that came to me, was amusing to me. Never did I care if that was amusing to others, because how can their amusement amuse me??

Things have changed.(not for good, either)

More and more people I know have started blogging, and are doing good, gathering attention, and the feeling of the requirement to keep up with their standards are on the rise. The reason why I write has changed, and the thoughts that used to come has changed. The need to keep stupid posts away, has come, or in simple terms, I am worried of the comments and the way the readers take it. 

I always had a big EGO, I still have it, and i dont believe it will leave me in the near future. I dont want my posts to be lesser than any a****le friend of mine. Plainly speaking.

Not that I have a huge set of fans dying to read my blogs. I believe the regular readers are less than four, and but there are scores of other people accidently coming to my blog, thanks to google, and my post - the Chastity belt. Because of that post, and keywords that are sexual in content, google brings in my link to people who search on "how to make a chastity belt." or related topics. 

I have started to speak to myself. 

You dont have to be like this. There is no point trying to impress people with your writing. Go back to the basics. Write for yourself. Dont even publish it.

sigh. When will I change?

On the brighter side

One good thing about drinking is that you can quit again and again.