Friday, September 28, 2012

Sweet little thing


It was intoxicating
than any alcohol i ever had
than any high i ever had
the kiss remains the best
it was much higher than heaven

Long lost.

two years later
i still badly miss
the sweet little thing.

I still will not
have that sugar cane juice


Fucking untitled.


I thought i should die to live well
May be, I should live to die well.

Or may be,
enjoy the hallucinogens
and just wait.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

the bystander.


And, yes, i ended up in the emergency medicine section of a hospital, as a patient, for the first time in my life. Forgettable incident, yes.

So one fine morning i realized I cannot move my feet or any other part of my body. I felt so weak, that I could not clench my fist. I knew things were wrong, I knew i have to see the doctor. Some doctor. 

I somehow managed to end up in the emergency medicine section of a hospital. Only to be stopped by this security guy.

"sorry sir, only patients allowed"
"(I know asshole), i AM the patient. (Cant you see i am crawling my way to the emergency medicine)?

And then came the next torture. Ladies dress in white. They all carried needles, reminded me of vampires. Vampires they where, last time I counted, they poked at least 4 times to take blood. One from the artery, one from the vein, one for some test, one for some other test. Damn. 

And Dracula came in. He is the doctor, I was informed. He decided I need to be given IV, for which they need to poke again to put on the IV line. two try on my left hand, and it did not do well. So two more pokes on my right hand and somehow it got right.

And every time, one guy would come, give me a bill, and gracefully take my wallet from my pocket, take the card, swipe and bring back the bill. And yes, after a couple of times,he decided to keep the card on my chest so that he does not have to search for my wallet inside my pocket.

About two hours later, my bystander came, and I had no clue she was not comfortable with the hospital stuff. So when the lady in white came in again to take my ECG, she got too scared of the sight of the machine, and well, just ran away. A very light moment, everyone burst into laughter. 

A forgettable day, I got discharged by evening. I was bed ridden for about 3 days, and being alone, when not well, made me think about many things, which I have not thought before. It was not about the care I wanted, but when you are so thirsty, and you cannot get out of the bed, you will wish there was a bottle of water near you. And then you want someone or something to bring that bottle of water, and who ever does that at that point of time, you look at him/her with a lot of gratitude from your heart.

But no, I dont want to get married just so that someone will take care of me. What will i be doing with her the rest of the time?

Three days later, when i was kind of fine, i went back to the hospital to get my urine test results. Well, forget the report, the urine sample itself was missing. 

I dont think i would ever want to be in a hospital again. I am healthy now, but the way i treat my body with cigarettes and alcohol, i can see myself spending my later days in a hospital, with ladies dressed in white all around me. I might need a bystander then, I would prefer a woman, around my age, and I guess i have to start saving up now so that i can pay her then.