Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting crazy day by day.

It was another of those hectic days. I took the night bus back to cochin, today, as I had quite a lot of work to be completed by the next day. The bus played some stupid movie as usual, denying me good sleep for two and a half hours. And After the movie was over, there was this man behind me, obviously drunk, who denied me sleep for the next half hour. 

I tried counting from one to hundred, and then back, tried imagining a lot of stuff, and somehow got some sleep. And it didnt last long.

A sudden screach, a sudden stop. The bus halted with a loud noise. As I looked around, I could see people getting out.  And as I looked outside, i could see some wires hanging outside. And as I ran to the front of the  bus I got the bigger picture. 

The bus has crashed into a post. And dragged it to quite some distance. No, two posts.  It was live wire all over the bus. I could see the sparks, i could hear them. Surprisingly, there was no panic, no fear. Everyone was calm. I took my bag, jumped out. The bus was badly hit. there was live wire all around. 

About 5 feet from the bus, was this pit, deep enough. Deep enough to overturn the bus.  Had the bus taken a second more to stop, we would all be ovrturned, with live wire all over us. Hmmm...

Still... Where is the panic??

Five more minutes, and people were talking to each other. The drunk man was a great time pass, talking silly things and people enjoyed. Some blamed the bus driver, some blamed the road.  Some were worried about reaching the destination in time. No one seems to bother that we were all lucky to be alive to reach the destination.

An Accident like this should, invoke some kind of shock, I Guess. Like when I had my first accident. Surprisingly, That was not the case. There were, for sure , many shaken passengers, who were quiet, and many, who were irritated. 

Was I excited? I guess I was. I was excited to tell people I had an accident. I was excited to have something happening like this, around me. It seemed to be refreshing. It seemed to be the change that I desperately wanted.  I seemed to be a bit happier. 

Dont know If that would be the same, if I had a serious injury. If I became disabled. Or, if some of my fellow passengers had an injury. But here I am, still excited about the event. 

The title of this post.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ha ha ha ha ha ha

Just realised I am the best person I can hang on to.

I regret I was late to realise it. 

Friday, March 13, 2009


I guess they are yet to invent an antidote to laziness. 


Here I am, again. 

Staring at the white space  called the text area where I am supposed to type doen something and then click on the "PUBLISH POST" button so that this verse can be seen by the multitudes of people who use the net. 

But, as a matter of fact, its 2.50 AM and I am supposed to sleep. I am ffeelling sleepy, really.  Head is ddown, eyes are hardly open.  I am dizzy. ans sleepy. sleep. 

Harsh. I needed to write something . may be nothing, I cant hold this no longer. giid  night. 

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Of Jobs and life.


Another train journey and another time to meet people. Its not that i was not seeing people. I meet lot of them over a day, and i have to admit that i have to meet a lot of people who i dont want to meet. Or i am forced to. So this time around in train, as  i moved into the seat i was alloted to, i was a bit discouraged to see a bunch of old ladies lying down.  I normally do not like old ladies in train because all they do is to lie down or talk about their sons and daughters in US or UK or wherever. And of course, the money that they draw. 

And then a bunch of guys came in. I do not like a bunch of guys either. All they do these days are to play music loud on the mobile, and talk loud or things i normally do not like. 
And they started talking. Talking about the figures. I heard someone say 6.5. Now is it six thousand, or is it six lakhs? And what is it all about?

And they started talking to the ladies. And I got the summary. They are all going to Mumbai. Or, they are all going to different countries, with a job visa. Only thing is, none of them have a passport. ! The agent, as they hope and believe, will bring it in to mumbai .
There was one lady, though, who said,  straight on the guys face, that they were quite stupid.  And that its better to work in our own country. Now, I have started to like that lady !!!

Each guys paid upto 6.5 lakhs, to get a job, at this time of recession. !! Well, what i believe is, that they are either too stupid, or that they know nothing about the recession, or that they are so desparate to get a job. 

A job. Jobs are meant to get us money. Now, 6.5 lakhs, will last about 32 months, if i draw about 20,000 per month!!! Well, 20,000 at home is more than enough for me, and i believe that 32 months are more than enough to find a decent job in India.

Some things just defy logic,  or is there something  that i dont see?

On the first look, it might look like  youth has lost the faith in our counrty. Or may be that youth need more money. Or may be that they need a better living standard. 

What i believe is, These guys dont have faith in themselves. But do I have it in myself?

I used to have. 

Stranger, I do not know if I have any confidence in me at all.

As years grow by,  I am coming to know that I hardly know anything about me.  
I am not what I thought I was.



I wish Time was a commodity you could buy at a supermarket.

Or is it that I am plain greedy?