Saturday, May 29, 2010

The so called lost key.


Two curious eyes watched the little ants through the glass. He observed how the ants moved around, in a very random way.

"What are they doing?"
asked the little kid to his brother.

"They are finding a way out!"

"But they cant get out !! I have closed the lid! "

"Well, they just dont know !!
If they knew, they would stop looking a way out and eat what they have inside !!"


Rock bottom stuff.


You go low as much as you can into yourself, and you find things you never knew about you.
And surprising things.

Like stuff you find at the ocean bed.

But you will have to hit rock bottom for that.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Soulmate - V (aka alcohol)


How can I leave you aside
When I look back in time

How can I try to forget you
When I try to remember you

How will I pass through monsoon
When it rains at night

How will I push through the night
When its hard to sleep tight

You have seen me in pain
You never held me in vain

You have been on my arms
You have slept on my chest

And I can go on and on
I know, I can count on.


Life on to be in the rail.


Its like being an unpaid driver who even have to pay for the petrol.


Thursday, May 20, 2010



Love is something that you give a person to keep him with you.
Its a selfish feeling.

Thus proved.


Friday, May 14, 2010

that little someone.


You can save someone from someone, but not from themselves.
I wish I could.


Thursday, May 13, 2010



I cleaned up the ashtray in my car. No, I do not smoke.
It was difficult to get rid of those burnt out cigarettes.
Somehow, I have developed an affection to them.


Saturday, May 08, 2010

To a friend.


little moments of laughter
and little pieces of wind in hair

Feels like from the distant past
Well, its hardly been months

Simple moments of life
Simple terms of talk

Sweet moments of joy
The shout, the scream, the hands

Memories might have faded
and being replaced by things unfortunate,

Things might have gone wrong,
From bad to worse to worst

But I still wont take that sugar cane juice
with anyone else but you.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010



Incidents happen. Well, things happen every minute or every second. Some of them becomes incidents.

Somebody i know had one. And I feel bad about it. I feel sad about it.
Incidents should take a break once in a while. If the ones that recur turns up bad.

But again, you just cant change whats in store for you.
People believe they can change their destiny.

Well, you should know your destiny beforehand to change it !!!
How many of you guys who changed theirs knew it??


Sunday, May 02, 2010


I have been feeling like writing about this for a long time. It took the red Johnny walker to put this into typing, anyway. No wonder why they called whiskey the "water of life" in Celtic English.

Every one in the world believes the world is in chaos. George Bush II thought it to be in bigger mess than ever, so to get things straightened up, he sent troops to Iraq. Greenpeace thinks some other way, and then they do weird things to straighten things up. Communists think world can be fixed by following some principles written by a guy with a big beard, and they strike and kill people to fix things up. Michael Jackson wanted to heal the world, and he sang a song for that.

Terrorism, Global warming, drugs, natural calamities and what not. Chaos. Good chaos. I dont know if you can call chaos good, but there is chaos. In movies, when things get messed up, super heroes comes in. And at the end of the movie, the world will live happily ever after. Like super man did. Like Will smith and Geff Goldblum did in Independence day.

Every one wants world peace. Especially the contestants of a beauty contest. they are peace loving, sacrificial, innocent people. Most of them follow Mother Theresa.

"Save the world," "Save the Tiger" and this and that. "Fight terror", and stuff. The fight between the nice guys and the bad guys. The reason for life.

Living is been reduced to the fight against evil. For everyone, the guy on the other side is evil.

Well, I love nature. I hate forests been destroyed. Not because i have a concern towards the coming generation. In fact, i do not care. All i know is I love the forests, and that is one place i would like to go and sit once in a while. It has nothing to do with the global warming or commitment to the coming generation. My every interest will last as long as I live.

People are running after to solve the chaos. Institutes give out formulae to live. To improve personality. People formulate rules to solve problems. Nations bans things. They ban nations. They kill to stop the killings.

Where was the polar bear when earth was born? Where will t be a million years from now?
World started with chaos. ran with chaos all these billion years till now. And will run with chaos till its end.

And we spent our lives to perfect our lives. What chance do we have?

And for this last statement, I will be called a pessimist with no positive approach to life.

Yes, i do not have a positive approach. All I need to do is just to live on. As long as I can.
You call that pessimism, I am fine with it.