Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let it be written, let it be believed

At last. I got a night at my home, and i have a relatively clean mind. Clean mind means nasty thoughts, and nasty blogs, of course. :P

I have forgotten about this news, but today at work in planetarium, this topic came in again. News of this highly bright girl, who belongs to my city, and also, lives close to my home. And this bright girl seems to play with astrophysics. Hmm.. I should be interested. The reason why I am linked with Planetarium, is, or may be, is, I used to do something with Astronomy and Astrophysics.

I saw the real article some time back. I just read the headline. I was too busy, I had work to do so that I can live. Then came in calls from my friends and people I know. Many accused me of not knowing this girl, cause this girl is huge, and her new theories question Einstien Himself. Wow. And She is in US, doing this and that. Great. Let her be.

My attention came back to the topic, when my old friend, bahiravan aka Anoop G, had this circulating. I used to follow his writings, and then, i did follow the links. And the whole story turned out to be a hoax, at least when I look from this angle.
For malayalam readers,


"She designed a rocket that can reach mars !!!" says the news

So why, is it that she didnt launch it !! Scrap ISRO. Scrap the hundreds of scientists who have been designing rockets which can reach Moon.

It takes years to design a good rocket that flies to space. Hundreds of scientists work on it. You just cant draw a sketch and expect it to work. Its all common sense. It took us a couple of days to design a small rocket which was guaranteed to fly at our annual Rocket making workshop. Well, we have been working on model rockets for some time now..

I believe thats what she did. Connecting a commercially available rocket motor to a tube and attach a nose cone. Kids do it every year at our workshops, here in calicut.

"She is a part of Google Lunar X Race..."

Thats great, but which team. Anyone with money can register in the race. I have been looking for sponsorships, who can shell out 7.5 Lakhs just for registering a new team. And millions to take us to the launch. No indian team have registered yet, 21 teams have registered as for now. The teams CANNOT be governmental, so she must be part of one of those 21 teams. Which one??

Even if she is part of the team, what is she working at?
Designing the rover? programming it? designing the flight path? Well.. These are not kids play, all she will be able to do, is to watch, and study what the guys are doing. Thats what student teams do. They dont really make things of this dimension.

I am surprised at the report that she has been invited to different countries, before even she published her first paper. Publishing a paper and convincing the scientific world about the theory, is a different thing. Reading books, and thinking and Coming up with a theory is a different thing. Theories need to be substantiated with proper proof. That, is more difficult.

I am no one to comment on other things that came in the news, because i have no first hand information on the truth, and I cannot rely on blogs to know the truth. But I disagree pretty much on her views, that she had to rely on other countries, because our country is not FIT for her.


I would have refrained on writing something bad on her, but This statement pissed me off. if you are anything now, its because of this country. If you were in a different country, you would have been carrying a child by now. Just a possibility. No offence intended.

If she said that, i am really ashamed of her. Our scientists are among the best, and IIA and TIFR are among world standards, in terms of brain. Kavalur has the biggest optical telescope in Asia, and our country have good Radio telescopes. Forget about big things India have. She could have visited at least the Calicut Regional Science Center, and have a look at the Library. I dont have a memory of her visiting, my apologies if I am wrong.

Other claims of her has been discussed here, in Bhairavans blog, so there is no point why I should write on it.

scroll down to see the discussions. He has arranged things clean, as usual.

The girl is lucky, she had good exposure. She has a head start compared to other kids. I believe its too early to talk about her talent, because until now, she has NOT PROVEN anything. So let us see her papers, and let the scientific community work on it and decide on it.

Let her grow up. The media has taken a toll on her, or the real culprit might be her guide, whoever that is.

Last word:

If the reporter is not yet fired, somebody might put the press office on fire later on.

Last Last word:

Good luck, kid, I had no intentions to demotivate you, but these are things that you have to cope up, and if you can get over it, and prove a point later on, you can be stronger than what you are. Now, you have a point to prove, take this as a challenge. And stop mixing religion and science. If you have it in you, prove it. The country will be with you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Feels like it.

My mind seems to be stabilising. I am surprised it took all these years.. close to 30 years for it even seem like stabilising.

I look back at the life spent. I always preferred to look at the things i liked. I always refused to look at the ugly side.

I am scared.
Rather uneasy.
Rather disturbed.

Scared that i might hate myself. Scared to look back ride through the self realisation that I have been living different than what i really was. I have been overrating myself.

I look back at the blog. I look at the theme it reflects. I can see the darkness it spreads. It comes back to the theme that life doesnt matter much. It radiates negative feelings, most of the time.
Even this post. YES.

I fail to write humour. I tried hard, i couldnt.
I feel like lifting up the spirit of my blog.
I cant.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

The lines of the stupid and the insane.

Dawn is here again.

Wild rough waves in the ocean caress once in a while.

Sheer power of the ocean, trying hard to topple down the thin wooden raft.
For no known reasons.

The raft prefers to be aloft. Be it be toppled, be it be thrown up. Be it be broken.
The raft will be aloft.

Its all about holding on to it, all the time. Its all about not letting it go.

The calm waters and the clear sky seems to be more scary.
The calm before the storm, they say.

Pray for the storm be fast.
So the fear be gone.

Life seem to be sailing, with or without it.