Monday, January 29, 2007

Lost Dreams

Strange thoughts do wander in my brain, and sometimes i feel like letting it go.
I wonder how we were created
And why, do you think we were created?
We were born into nature
With no written laws

It never said you should go to church every Sunday
It never said we cant swear in public
It never said we have we have to get married,
before we can have sex
It never asked us to wear clothes,
Nor to believe in a religion

The new born takes his first breath, not knowing he should breath to live. He doesn't know about any internal organs inside him... doesn't know there is a brain, a heart.. nor blood..

He is born free, free to live, free in mind and soul.
Inject him with written and unwritten laws,
Send him to prison if he breaks it
Send him to war to kill

Push the needle in again to suppress the feelings and emotions
Convince him, he needs to be successful, to live
And ask him to follow the same old rotten procedure
study, work,marry, eat, live
not live, and eat to live

He cannot wander into freedom
He cannot wander into truth
He cannot wander anywhere
He aint programmed to wander

Reprogrammed by society, the mind gets structured.
driving through one way streets,
never breaking the rules,
even though he wants to
never chasing the lost dreams

And as i ink these wandered and stray fragments of thoughts, I'm slowly going back to a point of time in my life, where i chased my thoughts, my dreams, i had plentiful of them. But consistent failures, in living and realising them made me feel like...

There ain't dreams that i can achieve
I felt like merging into the society
driving down the one way streets
following the rules

I'm having numb feelings and emotions
But now..

Yes I'm pulling back
no more rules, or one way roads
I'm digging my road again

I'm hiking up the jungles,
hunting down my dreams
leaving my mind, and life

and when i looked back and forth in my life
I know, the time has come
to search for my lost dreams
and living it up


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Unit of Love

And yes, i do wonder
what might be the unit of love

the unit of hate, the unit of fear
the unit of joy, and sorrow
of cry, of blues, of ecstacy
the unit of wonder, and luck

so people say...

I love thee more than the highest mountains
I hate thee to the depth of the deepest oceans
I fear thee like hell..
And the poet speaks about the heights of ecstacy

Yes, i am a technical person

worried about its surface tension
than the beauty of a dew drop
Drawing down its craters
than sleeping under the moon
with ones love

Scratching my forehead for love
or for any of those forgotten emotions
or for those lost feelings
i've got so hard a shell to break

but they do come out
though unlikely, untimely...
though expected, unexpected
though painful, painless

and i feel like...
sealing them holes
with the strongest super glue

And i stare at my mind
Are you inside of me
Or am i inside of you

and he says..
I aint you...
but i might be you..
yes, i need you..
no, I am you....

Monday, January 01, 2007

Freedom - I

{freedom of being alone, the one you have longed for looong...
the one you thought might bring you peace.}

And when you get the what you longed for long
You dont know what you thought you would do with it

These are times you would want to wander into darkness
And seek for light, which you dont want to see

You want breeze in your hair and your eyes
You stare into the seas and seek the way

And then you look around, see the crowd
All around you, but away from you
So close, but too far

You walk to them, try to melt into them
And the sand takes you back, into the sea

You love the sand, you love the salt in the water
should be better than the salt in the crowd

so you think.

Yes there aint people living in the ocean
so why cant you be the first??