Friday, November 25, 2011

Getting disconnected.

Its been a long time since i removed myself from electronic networking, in the form of Facebook and Orkut. Its been long, very long, in fact. I have removed all traces of my personal life, except this blog.

I am not surprised that I am missing the network. I never believed in networks, and I dont think i will ever. Looking back, and to a limit, looking forward, I have no idea what I am into.

Every day that passes by gets me more disconnected from the people I know. From the people I liked very much, to the people I hated. I am alien to the electronic ways of telling people I care.

If only I followed the unwritten rules that people around follow. If only I knew what I want from my life. If only I had dreams to fulfill.

The world should end next year.If not, I am screwed big time.


Monday, November 21, 2011

The finishing point.


- of a good love is marriage.

(it ends there)


Thursday, November 10, 2011

of mumbai and a long drive


Its was a long drive. From trivandrum to Bangalore via Nagercoil, the Metallica concert at bangalore, and then the drive to mumbai. about 1800 kilometers, and I am back in Mumbai after about 10 years.
I dont remember much of Mumbai, as I was not Visiting places then. But this time, I was travelling in the local trains, walking the streets, eating things with a 'pav' prefix to it.

I have been in touch with bangalore for long, even delhi and chennai. I loved to be In bangalore, but after revisiting Mumbai, I guess that love for bangalore is a bit lost.

To put it in one word, I am in love with Mumbai. Life is hassle free compared to bangalore. Travel is damn cheap, the local trains help you reach fast, and the auto and taxi people takes the exact fare.

I met the bookshelf girl there, and she made me eat weird stuff with weird names. I just cant remember the name of the stuff that was over the kulfi. I did not like the kulfi stuff, but the road side joints where they sell the samosa and the pav stuff was real good.

I still dont kow, why, after ll these years of travel all over India, I have visited Mumbai the least. I should come back here, spend more time and see what all things I have been missing. At least for now, I am in love with this place.