Friday, November 25, 2011

Getting disconnected.

Its been a long time since i removed myself from electronic networking, in the form of Facebook and Orkut. Its been long, very long, in fact. I have removed all traces of my personal life, except this blog.

I am not surprised that I am missing the network. I never believed in networks, and I dont think i will ever. Looking back, and to a limit, looking forward, I have no idea what I am into.

Every day that passes by gets me more disconnected from the people I know. From the people I liked very much, to the people I hated. I am alien to the electronic ways of telling people I care.

If only I followed the unwritten rules that people around follow. If only I knew what I want from my life. If only I had dreams to fulfill.

The world should end next year.If not, I am screwed big time.



Pearl said...

Atleast you know something...:) didnt knw you back back posting..good to see the posts..

Sowmya Purushotham said...

look at your own last line, it cracks me up! :-) what makes you think you're not screwed already??!!!