Wednesday, January 30, 2013



I dont like that word, but could not get a better word either. I would not call it opposite of feminism either. 

So this post was partially inspired by this post from a good friend of mine. 

I see a lot of outrage when it comes to crime towards women. As i browse the newspapers and social media, stories about all sort of crimes towards women comes up. Appeal to treat women equal to men, in all aspects of life are echoed everywhere. 

Alright. So, are you saying women are treated not like man??
Very true.

So are you saying women should be treated like men?
I seriously wish it where. Seriously. 

Let me come to some real life situations. 

Situation 1:
A man whistles as a girl pass by.
Current Scenario: The girl slaps back. Every one comes to the girls rescue. Case can be charged against the man. 

A girl whistles as a man pass by.
Current Scenario: If the guy slaps back, he ends up with police.

What feminists are asking for :
If a guy slaps back, everyone should come to his rescue. Case should be charged against the girl. Since there is no law which will come to rescue of the guy in this scenario, new rules should be made to protect the modesty of the male species. 

Situation 2 (which happened to me):
A girl sits next to me in an overnight bus to my home town. Later, as she fixes her dress as she went to sleep, her elbow brushed below my abdomen, very close to my penis, twice, accidentally. 

Current Scenario: The man feels either horny, or uncomfortable. He tries to touch her back, or feel uncomfortable, but keep quiet. 

What feminists are asking for:
If it happens to a girl, she should feel  horny and try to touch the guy back. Or feel uncomfortable and keep quiet. 
She should not Scream shout, scratch back, kick the balls. Even if it was on purpose. 
[And i am not telling you if i were horny or if i felt uncomfortable :P Well, i was scared, that was the fact.]

I can go on with a hundred situations where guys are not treated equally by women, and by the society. While there are girls who suffer, there are lots of girls who enjoy a lot of privileges as a women. If women needs receive the same treatment as guys, they should behave like guys !! For goodness sake, all you feminists out there, stop comparing yourself with guys. You cannot, you are different in physique and mind. You are constructed differently. You cannot be equal, but you are no lesser either. So are men. 

And when it comes to crime, have you noticed that there are a lot of guys who gets beaten up, get killed on the roads, get robbed?

Crime and criminal minds are not motivated by the gender. Crimes are committed by people who have disrespect to another person, because that was the way they where brought up. He finds it okay to beat up a guy. He finds it okay to rob, he finds it okay to rape. It has nothing to do with gender. He who rapes a girl have done bad to guys too. So, guys dont deserve fair treatment??

We cannot selectively disable rapes. If rapes has to go away, people should have respect to others as a human being. In that way, crime, in general will go down. There is no place in the world, which have a low rape rate, but a high robbery rate. So let us not concentrate on rape, concentrate on mutual respect and better values. 

So if some girl want to walk down the road freely at night alone, in whatever dress she would want to wear, i would join the cause. Because, that will also mean, that I, as a guy will be able to walk alone at night, in a metro city with a large floating population flaunting an expensive mobile phone, gold chain, wrist watch, and still not get assaulted. 

But, if you, as a girl are just worried about you[being a girl] not getting raped or judged if you smoke or drink, I am not with you, as you, as a feminist, do not display respect to the male species. Because, me, have always given consideration to human beings irrespective of their gender. I will be with you, if you want to have same privileges as men, but only if you will, in real life, shed all privileges you enjoy as a woman. 

So, please keep quiet when someone stares at your boobs, please dont get offended by that act, as guys would do nothing if a girls will do that to them.  

You can call me a male chauvinist if you judge me like that with whatever i have written here. If  my views fit well into that word, i am one, i guess. And if you, as a girl, cant accept it, i think the feeling is mutual.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Being Content.


The childhood dream was to be famous. Who does not want to be famous? It is a good feeling to be known by people, people follow you, people love you. People admire you, they name their sons after you. You receive fan mails, you receive kisses, and if you are a rock star or a sportsman, you get laid pretty easily. You have money, you get things done easily with just a phone call. Amazing life. well, every mans dream. Things changed as i grew up. I do a lot of things i might not be able to do if i am famous. well.. all dirty stuff. It is better to be unknown, an noticed. 

So the other day, i was walking to the regular coffee - cigarette shop. I was in an indifferent mood, pondering about things that is happening in my life right now. In general, people who closely know me knows me as a sad person. May be because i crib a lot to them. I had years of tough times, trying out ways of life and understanding things which really went bad. And when it went bad, i became depressed. And then i would try a new thing which will again go wrong. More depression. The cycle continues, but things gradually became better, over the years. 

So i thought. what if i can go back to the past and change things? What would i change??

May be write my exams well?? May be correct every bad things i did? there are a hundred things i can think of. But then, if i had corrected them, what would i be now?

I dont know. What i am right now is a completely free man with no dreams at all. The other day my friend said - that it is impossible for a man to live without a dream. I differed. I dont have any dreams i live for. I dont have anything i live for, at this point of time. There are things i would like to do. But I am not working towards it. I am just going along the flow, taking things as it comes. In the process, i make some people happy, some sad. I dont follow any rules or principles. I just live. 

I feel content. 
I dont want to go back and change a single thing. 

I feel content, i feel i am living life the way i want to live. I know this is what i wanted deep inside, as a kid. I am fine to die tomorrow, i would die without any regrets. 

I might be generally sad and depressed, but i am content. Fucking, why did not i realize this before??
I dont think i can ask for more in my life. 


Tuesday, January 15, 2013



~~ So, How does it help?
>> It helps you to communicate better and keep in touch with your friends.
~~ So, Cant i just use the SMS?
>> You can, but it is still better.
~~ I dont think so.
>> Why dont you install and see?
~~ I have a basic phone, with the  black and white screen
>> Man, you are living in pre historic times.


>> I hate this guy, this guy is bugging me with messages.
~~ He is just communicating better, and just keeping in touch with you.
>> I can block him.
~~ Yes you can. You can keep updating the world what happens in your life minute by minute, keep in touch with your dear ones miles apart, share, block, find new friends, expand the social circle, and live in a virtual world assuming the virtual world to be better, while you dont realise you will be losing the good friend or a partner who is sitting across your table in an arm distance. What you will get are words on the display, or likes from the people who tries to impress you, making you fall into the mysterious unknown, while you refuse to accept the human in flesh and bones who will carry his true emotion in voice, gestures, touch and the simple look from his eyes.
>> Oops, can you come again? i missed what you said. I was just sending a message in that app.


Friday, January 11, 2013

This and that.


I am short of  topics. And as i look back at the blog history, i can see the number of posts coming down. As per the theory of depression, the number of posts will be directly proportional to the level of depression you are in. Partially true, may be. Because writing was never my piece of cake, and when i am feeling well, i have better things to do. 

Since i dont have a topic to write, i should be writing what is happening these days. 

1) I am shifting. To a small 1BHK,  but bigger than the current place. 
As i opened my bedroom window for the first time, what welcomed me was a couple of pink and red panties and some t shirt bras, hanged to dry bout 2 inches from my window sill. So, my window and the window of the next building bedroom, is about 3 feet away. And, in the next building, lives about 50 girls of teen age  to late twenties - well, the typical Bangalore Ladies PG. 
Which means i CANNOT keep my window open, generally. I am normally naked when alone at home, I cant do this now because all windows opening to another building. 
Men always fantasize to be this close to lot of girls, but trust me, it can make you really really uncomfortable. 

2) She has not responded to me yet. I will not take another step, I just want to let it be. If somebody wants to respond, they will. if not , they dont want. let me keep repeating this in my mind. 

3) Looking back, i have surprisingly survived the depression, all by myself. That was years ago, but the process was gradual and strong. It has made me stronger, and emotionally better. There are still some scars left, but i am ready to take it on from where i left it fifteen years back. I am lucky to have enjoyed freedom really well, though the price i had to pay was huge, huge in terms of relationships and money in the bank. 

Nothing else. have a good day/night, you all.


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Nature and the testicles


Nature was indeed unfair to men during the evolution process. It kept the testicles hanging outside the body so that it can be kicked at ! 

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Damn fucking new year.


** Now that the world did not end in 2012, I will have to keep paying the EMIs.

** I want to get my body in back in shape.
** I want to smoke less, of course.
** I want to start training for the Marathon.
** I want to spend less money for alcohol.
** I want to get back to building things the way i used to do it years back

** I will be spending more time on the guitar.

** I will be moving to a new den in a week.
** I will be working for the current employers, unless they throw me out.
** I will be turning a year more older in march. Three decades and three years . Damn. 
** I will stop living in the past. 

** I dont know if i will remain unmarried.
** I dont know if i will be able to save any considerable amount of money.
** I dont know if I will live to see 2014.

** I dont mind if i become a rockstar.
** I dont mind if YOU, wants to put some money to my account.
** I dont mind to own a big car.
** I dont mind having a one night stand with a hot chick. 

Damn fucking new year, makes me think of all these things which i would never think other wise. 
All i have to do this new year is to fix up my mind.

So wishing you guys - my friends, foes, fans, relatives, girlfriends, secret admirers, atheists, believers, terrorists, idiots, assholes, congress, BJP,  and all the general public, cats and dogs, reptiles, and living beings of all genetic orders - Good luck for this year. Hope the earth, sun moon and your fellow beings will not screw you up this year.  

Free advice for the year - spend less time on you stupid smart phone.