Friday, January 11, 2013

This and that.


I am short of  topics. And as i look back at the blog history, i can see the number of posts coming down. As per the theory of depression, the number of posts will be directly proportional to the level of depression you are in. Partially true, may be. Because writing was never my piece of cake, and when i am feeling well, i have better things to do. 

Since i dont have a topic to write, i should be writing what is happening these days. 

1) I am shifting. To a small 1BHK,  but bigger than the current place. 
As i opened my bedroom window for the first time, what welcomed me was a couple of pink and red panties and some t shirt bras, hanged to dry bout 2 inches from my window sill. So, my window and the window of the next building bedroom, is about 3 feet away. And, in the next building, lives about 50 girls of teen age  to late twenties - well, the typical Bangalore Ladies PG. 
Which means i CANNOT keep my window open, generally. I am normally naked when alone at home, I cant do this now because all windows opening to another building. 
Men always fantasize to be this close to lot of girls, but trust me, it can make you really really uncomfortable. 

2) She has not responded to me yet. I will not take another step, I just want to let it be. If somebody wants to respond, they will. if not , they dont want. let me keep repeating this in my mind. 

3) Looking back, i have surprisingly survived the depression, all by myself. That was years ago, but the process was gradual and strong. It has made me stronger, and emotionally better. There are still some scars left, but i am ready to take it on from where i left it fifteen years back. I am lucky to have enjoyed freedom really well, though the price i had to pay was huge, huge in terms of relationships and money in the bank. 

Nothing else. have a good day/night, you all.



Athira Unni said...

that's a good post. good that you got over the depression!

Pearl said...

Interesting turn of events in your life!