Tuesday, January 15, 2013



~~ So, How does it help?
>> It helps you to communicate better and keep in touch with your friends.
~~ So, Cant i just use the SMS?
>> You can, but it is still better.
~~ I dont think so.
>> Why dont you install and see?
~~ I have a basic phone, with the  black and white screen
>> Man, you are living in pre historic times.


>> I hate this guy, this guy is bugging me with messages.
~~ He is just communicating better, and just keeping in touch with you.
>> I can block him.
~~ Yes you can. You can keep updating the world what happens in your life minute by minute, keep in touch with your dear ones miles apart, share, block, find new friends, expand the social circle, and live in a virtual world assuming the virtual world to be better, while you dont realise you will be losing the good friend or a partner who is sitting across your table in an arm distance. What you will get are words on the display, or likes from the people who tries to impress you, making you fall into the mysterious unknown, while you refuse to accept the human in flesh and bones who will carry his true emotion in voice, gestures, touch and the simple look from his eyes.
>> Oops, can you come again? i missed what you said. I was just sending a message in that app.



guest said...

very true

Athira Unni said...

:D and yet you chose to update your profile picture!


survivingbrain said...

:), and thanks for visiting.

That intrigues you??
lol. :P