Thursday, January 28, 2010


I just realized i am super saturated with tech things.
well, I spend a day with the asian civilisations museum, learnt the history of south asia and south east asia, sat by the river, had a beer, walked down, got into another museum, took a bus, roamed around the city.

I need to do this a couple of more days so that i am desaturated, that i stop seeing robots and batteries in my dreams, that i stop checking the roughness of the glass that i drink, a design factor for designing a robotic arm best suited to lift the glass, that i stop observing the movement of the facial muscles of a girl when she talks, because I have been thinking of making a robot with facial features. I need to see other dreams, need to enjoy that glass of beer, and have to be in a frame of mind to enjoy the beauty of a girl.

Well, too much of anything is bad enough. It has been, a bit too much, even in my standards. Whatever be the consequences, However "URGENT" people say things are,
I dont care !!

In fact,
My body is too weak that I cant care..


I am not being racist.
I have never found a black mongoloid.. even when one of the parents are black..
I mean, a black skinned guy with small eyes and a Chinese nose!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I used to think being estranged doesnt happen to me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

That things I do.

Yes, things are going real tough.

There used to be a point in life when everything I did was wrong. Or rather, gave bad results. Or rather, the results I didnt want. Those were the times when I felt bad, for obvious reasons. Time has passed by, and Those times have changed into times when majority of what I do became wrong. I thought the worst times were over.

I was wrong even in that small thought.
Things are getting tougher, and I guess I am going through the toughest. Strange, I am not breaking down, nor am I resorting to alcohol. I know things are the worst. I am not afraid at all.

its not because I have become courageous. Not that I am strong. I am a weak hearted sensitive person.

I just dont have to try hard and struggle to hit the end of the tunnel, for the tunnel is closed at both ends.

All I have to do is sit, and wait. If I get out or not, I will die one day.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


People say a little smile can change the world.

Smile or no smile,
courtesy or no courtesy,
Global warming or no warming.
Everyone meets the same fate.

Why do you have to change the world, anyway?

Shiny, dark thoughts.

shiny dots of white,
little whispers of night

shiny drops of tears,
little cries of night

shiny pieces of glitter,
little fears of night

shiny metal balls,
little squeaks of night

shiny shine of my eyes
and a little glimpse of my future.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Da bucket list !

Yes, this is motivated by that movie. But its high time that I have my own bucket list, since it has been some time that I wonder as nothing seemed to make me happy at all. Yes, I want to do these things. Some are abbreviated, and I do not intend at any cost to explain them.. :P --

And yes, NOT in the order of priority.

2)Climb da everest.
3)Visit all wonders of all times.
4)Win an International Robotics Event.
5)North Pole and South Pole.- Visit them.
6)Bungee Jump
7)Go African Safari
8)Learn Sax
9)Play in a Band.
10)Spend a week on a cruise ship
11)Sail my own Yatch
12)Scuba dive
13)Parachute !!!
14)Visit Keck Observatories, watch Jupiter and Saturn.
15)Pose for a photograph with a Kangaroo with a baby in his pocket..
16)Watch at least 3 F1 races live
17)Be there at the finals of a world cup football
18)Watch metallica performing live
19)Watch Led zepp band members live(if they play again)
20)Drive at 200kmph
21)Fly on a supersonic plane.
22)Spend a night at the Sahara Desert in a tent, alone.
23)Watch a rocket launch, as close as possible.
24)Spend 2 months, driving my car, to all states in India.


Yes, the list shows how selfish I am ! Not one line which has a benefit to others ! So F What !


Its high time that I start spending time for myself !

Saturday, January 02, 2010


.tears rolled down leaving shiny wet trails on the smooth pink cheeks of this beautiful sixteen year old girl.
.she had a heartbreak.
.she believes no one loves her.
.she got only 6 cards on valentine's day.

.And on the other side of the road, at the entrance of this crowded shopping mall, the girl in the blue and black uniform smiles at every person who enters through the security check.
.She was dark, a bit overweight, short.
.She feeds a family of five.

.God must be IS crazy.

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year

As usual.
The curse is still going strong.


I have started to hate celebrations.