Thursday, January 28, 2010


I just realized i am super saturated with tech things.
well, I spend a day with the asian civilisations museum, learnt the history of south asia and south east asia, sat by the river, had a beer, walked down, got into another museum, took a bus, roamed around the city.

I need to do this a couple of more days so that i am desaturated, that i stop seeing robots and batteries in my dreams, that i stop checking the roughness of the glass that i drink, a design factor for designing a robotic arm best suited to lift the glass, that i stop observing the movement of the facial muscles of a girl when she talks, because I have been thinking of making a robot with facial features. I need to see other dreams, need to enjoy that glass of beer, and have to be in a frame of mind to enjoy the beauty of a girl.

Well, too much of anything is bad enough. It has been, a bit too much, even in my standards. Whatever be the consequences, However "URGENT" people say things are,
I dont care !!

In fact,
My body is too weak that I cant care..