Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Da bucket list !

Yes, this is motivated by that movie. But its high time that I have my own bucket list, since it has been some time that I wonder as nothing seemed to make me happy at all. Yes, I want to do these things. Some are abbreviated, and I do not intend at any cost to explain them.. :P --

And yes, NOT in the order of priority.

2)Climb da everest.
3)Visit all wonders of all times.
4)Win an International Robotics Event.
5)North Pole and South Pole.- Visit them.
6)Bungee Jump
7)Go African Safari
8)Learn Sax
9)Play in a Band.
10)Spend a week on a cruise ship
11)Sail my own Yatch
12)Scuba dive
13)Parachute !!!
14)Visit Keck Observatories, watch Jupiter and Saturn.
15)Pose for a photograph with a Kangaroo with a baby in his pocket..
16)Watch at least 3 F1 races live
17)Be there at the finals of a world cup football
18)Watch metallica performing live
19)Watch Led zepp band members live(if they play again)
20)Drive at 200kmph
21)Fly on a supersonic plane.
22)Spend a night at the Sahara Desert in a tent, alone.
23)Watch a rocket launch, as close as possible.
24)Spend 2 months, driving my car, to all states in India.


Yes, the list shows how selfish I am ! Not one line which has a benefit to others ! So F What !


Its high time that I start spending time for myself !


DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

chinna chinna aasai...

shiva said...

SOUNDS COOL...........