Thursday, January 14, 2010

That things I do.

Yes, things are going real tough.

There used to be a point in life when everything I did was wrong. Or rather, gave bad results. Or rather, the results I didnt want. Those were the times when I felt bad, for obvious reasons. Time has passed by, and Those times have changed into times when majority of what I do became wrong. I thought the worst times were over.

I was wrong even in that small thought.
Things are getting tougher, and I guess I am going through the toughest. Strange, I am not breaking down, nor am I resorting to alcohol. I know things are the worst. I am not afraid at all.

its not because I have become courageous. Not that I am strong. I am a weak hearted sensitive person.

I just dont have to try hard and struggle to hit the end of the tunnel, for the tunnel is closed at both ends.

All I have to do is sit, and wait. If I get out or not, I will die one day.

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