Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year

Kissing goodbye
to my dear soul mate
Hoping for another one
with flesh and bones
And a heart
As I step
Another year into death

Monday, December 24, 2007

Soulmate - II ( aka alcohol -II )


Seven pieces of icicles
to melt all over her

Two pieces of lemon
sprayed all over her

Half piece of moon
to light the midnight sky

shy, tickling wind
to light the fire inside

Another night with the soul mate
Another time to feel good

The feel is still the same
I need more out of her

Have my skin to feel numb
Have my eyes to hallucinate
Have my legs to feel light
Have my mind to fly high

Have my life on a count down.


The costly affair

What does it take
To let it in
How much does it take
To let them all in

And how much to loose
Once every one is in?
Once everything is in?

Has to be me

Who will
They wont
It has to be me
It cant be them

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Chastity Belt


I always maintained, it to be a womans world.I still maintain it, but its just that i would like to add a bit of twist to it.

The existence of woman means the existence of the man. Long time back, somebody had the idea of creating two different types of the same kind, and let them mate, so that we can have a replica of the original. In simple terms, sex has to exist, for there to be babies. (Test tubes were not invented then)

While animals still continue to see no taboo in having sex anytime they feel like, the "intelligent" human beings decided otherwise. Somewhere in the evolution line, there existed perverts, or idiots, who decided to cover up the genitals, for no reason whatsoever. The genitals, who share equal rights as any other organ in the human body, which has the burden to do the hated(read urination) and the pleasurable (read sex) activity, and was denied the basic right of fresh air and sunlight.

Sadly, the perverts refused to be extinct.
And they invented chastity.

This post was a result of the newspaper news today that a movie actress was caught in town for obvious reasons - caught at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person. Made me wonder - It is the same actress that acted in several scenes which displayed obvious acts of sex, and these movies could pass the censor board, and it could reach the theaters. And she is caught for doing it in private - (Now show me somebody - male - who have never seen an adult movie within his teenage or post teenage years)

Yes, we have people staring at sleeveless hands of woman, and who accuse women for not dressing decent - Suddenly the fault is with the girl, and not the libido of the man - and who is the culprit??

I remember a strange sight at thrissur - when i was doing my pre degree - all film posters showing a sleeveless hand was painted black !! The order came from a lady district collector. I always thought district collectors are well educated.

And scenes of molestations and news of child rape still floods the morning news. I will never blame the person who does a rape - let the victim be a grown adult or a 5 year old. Neither am I justifying the person. The criminal may be punished, in accord with the crime done. But it doesnt stop the breeding of future criminals. - In the context of this post - sex criminals.

More often, its the social set up - the people including me and you - These crimes are a byproduct of the social set up we have. We make a fuss out of the entire issue, we make the child scary of his/her own sex organ. We make sex a crime, we make sex untouchable. Our society and law does not permit extramarital sex - means, anyone who cant marry for different reasons, should not have sex. This is what I call denial of human right!!!

And then, a smart guy invented the sex worker - known as a prostitute, a whore, bitch, whatever.

But, I always see them as just another woman. I give her more respect than i give to the make up clad snobbish middle aged housewife, who does nothing all day but to watch TV, bully on her maid, nag on her husband, and build socially irresponsible citizens out of her own children. The best example would be the school shoot out recently in Delhi. The society needs more sex workers than these kind of fat ladies (normally they are fat - there are exceptions too), just to reduce the number of crimes on woman. And prostitution needs to be legalized, certified with regular health check ups and awareness on AIDS. Porn movies need to be legalized, so that someone with a sexual frustration can let it out - especially teenagers.

The male sexual frustration can be understood only by men, it can never be understood by a woman, so it is very natural that 99% of the ladies who will read this will disagree with me. And 80% of male population might disagree with me, in public - but every potent male will agree with me in principle.

The worst part - still, they all expect their wives to be a virgin!!
Best of luck guys!! it is the 21st century!!!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Being Romantic

The cool and careless breeze
caressing your face and hair

All shades of green gathered
around you by nature

Lying down on your back
to the colourful evening sky

Mixed emotions of flowers
blossomed all over you

You cant be more romantic
But you are just short of a girl.



Sometimes, Silence can be the most irritating.

Friday, December 07, 2007


Married people have been asking me to get married soon.
Jealous, i guess.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Evil Monster - IV

Time and time she was reminded
There wont be shade all the time
For winter shall follow the spring

So it was said, so it was decided
To let years pass by
And if the she could stand the tree
The monster shall hold her hands

Sun has grown older, So did time
Some where it was written in bold
The princess shell be saved
A kingdom awaits with a prince

And there shall be a fortress
Which can shield her, day and night
For she is a princess
And shall not sleep under a tree

And the tree shall survive all the years
Though it would refuse anyone below it.

And the story teller retired.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Writing Emotions

Emotions should not be expressed in words.
Any representation by words could be a misrepresentation.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jobin 1:3

When things never go right, you can always try changing the definition of "right"

Jobin 1:3

The Evil Monster - III

Years will fly by
The princess will remain princess
The monster will remain evil

Thoughts of regret
shall haunt the princess

And the monster shall reach
the heights of hypocrisy

Monday, December 03, 2007


My pessimism was the result of my optimism
And my atheism was the result of my theism.

The Promises

Where is the treat i was promised
To be kind to the people around
Where is the peace of mind promised
For bringing cheers to the cheerless

And then paradise is promised
If I praise the lord
And I am offered eternity
If I am in heaven

And where is the people around
who assured me the gifts

And when i meet them they say
Gifts shall be delivered
If not done for the gift

And when if done not for the gifts
They shall be delivered in heaven


When everything came so easy,
it was no fun
When everything came difficult,
It wasn't fun either


When you look for something
It is never around you
When you look for nothing
It is always around you