Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Chastity Belt


I always maintained, it to be a womans world.I still maintain it, but its just that i would like to add a bit of twist to it.

The existence of woman means the existence of the man. Long time back, somebody had the idea of creating two different types of the same kind, and let them mate, so that we can have a replica of the original. In simple terms, sex has to exist, for there to be babies. (Test tubes were not invented then)

While animals still continue to see no taboo in having sex anytime they feel like, the "intelligent" human beings decided otherwise. Somewhere in the evolution line, there existed perverts, or idiots, who decided to cover up the genitals, for no reason whatsoever. The genitals, who share equal rights as any other organ in the human body, which has the burden to do the hated(read urination) and the pleasurable (read sex) activity, and was denied the basic right of fresh air and sunlight.

Sadly, the perverts refused to be extinct.
And they invented chastity.

This post was a result of the newspaper news today that a movie actress was caught in town for obvious reasons - caught at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person. Made me wonder - It is the same actress that acted in several scenes which displayed obvious acts of sex, and these movies could pass the censor board, and it could reach the theaters. And she is caught for doing it in private - (Now show me somebody - male - who have never seen an adult movie within his teenage or post teenage years)

Yes, we have people staring at sleeveless hands of woman, and who accuse women for not dressing decent - Suddenly the fault is with the girl, and not the libido of the man - and who is the culprit??

I remember a strange sight at thrissur - when i was doing my pre degree - all film posters showing a sleeveless hand was painted black !! The order came from a lady district collector. I always thought district collectors are well educated.

And scenes of molestations and news of child rape still floods the morning news. I will never blame the person who does a rape - let the victim be a grown adult or a 5 year old. Neither am I justifying the person. The criminal may be punished, in accord with the crime done. But it doesnt stop the breeding of future criminals. - In the context of this post - sex criminals.

More often, its the social set up - the people including me and you - These crimes are a byproduct of the social set up we have. We make a fuss out of the entire issue, we make the child scary of his/her own sex organ. We make sex a crime, we make sex untouchable. Our society and law does not permit extramarital sex - means, anyone who cant marry for different reasons, should not have sex. This is what I call denial of human right!!!

And then, a smart guy invented the sex worker - known as a prostitute, a whore, bitch, whatever.

But, I always see them as just another woman. I give her more respect than i give to the make up clad snobbish middle aged housewife, who does nothing all day but to watch TV, bully on her maid, nag on her husband, and build socially irresponsible citizens out of her own children. The best example would be the school shoot out recently in Delhi. The society needs more sex workers than these kind of fat ladies (normally they are fat - there are exceptions too), just to reduce the number of crimes on woman. And prostitution needs to be legalized, certified with regular health check ups and awareness on AIDS. Porn movies need to be legalized, so that someone with a sexual frustration can let it out - especially teenagers.

The male sexual frustration can be understood only by men, it can never be understood by a woman, so it is very natural that 99% of the ladies who will read this will disagree with me. And 80% of male population might disagree with me, in public - but every potent male will agree with me in principle.

The worst part - still, they all expect their wives to be a virgin!!
Best of luck guys!! it is the 21st century!!!



Brainybeauty said...

sorry...but...what are you trying to convey through this post...and(do delete this comment after you read it!!)

Brainybeauty said...

i mean what is the point...you wrote about all the social evils..n stuff that arent going to change even if god himself thinks!well..what do you actually want???

survivingbrain said...

I just meant i hate the way some things are. i dont plan to change it, neither do i think i can change it.neither do i think things needs to change. i just follow my instincts - even when i write.

simply - I hate the importance given to virginity and chastity by our society.there are better things for which you should give importance to - At least, by simply following the traffic rules, we can save a lot of lives. instead, we worry about the girl in the newspaper, who was caught for prostitution, probably to feed her baby home, or to feed herself.

Brainybeauty said...

i dont think that anyone would or should appreciate those prostitutes...if they are so poor...they have dignifies labour to opt for..nothing is wrong if you work as a home maid,a coporation sweeper...or anything like that!

survivingbrain said...

And what is wrong if they work as a sex worker??

Brainybeauty said...

since you are a person who hates the cusoms and laws of the society ..i ll give you a scientific answer-they are the transmitters of hiv to a very huge extent...now dont give an explanasion that they can use condems...they do sex for a bit more money without condems too...and guys who go to them come back home and spread this virus to their families too and you know what and all will happen then!

Brainybeauty said...

oops sorry...i spelt condem..condom

survivingbrain said...

I understand your concerns as to the HIV issue. But The "good guys" need not worry about them, since the "good" guys DO NOT need them prostitutes. it is said that, the family set up of our society is so PERFECT, and it is this perfectness that is the difference between our culture and the western one. So, the onlyone who will fall victim of AIDS will be the "bad guy", (If his wife gets it, think - if a man goes to another woman for sex, he is not probably treated well by his wife - or if he is treated well,and he still goes, she can very well live separated)

And if the "bad guys" get AIDS, who is concerned??

Condoms are always a better option. We need to spread the importance of Condoms - We should not kill the profession of a sex worker.

Sex workers dont kill people. But we are killing lots of people in Iraq, afgh., Gujarat - I am surprised people dont hate the polititians who does this, but hates more the sex worker, who just want to go on living!!

Brainybeauty said...

who said people dont hate politicians??....those guys who make our world more and more pathetic....all hates politicians more than sex workers,i suppose
....by the way..why are you so bothered of maintainig the tradition of these sex workers...why cant they get into healthier jobs???

survivingbrain said...

Why cant the sweepers, cleaners etc go for healthier jobs???

I amnot very very keen, nor am i going to work for a better living for them.. The post was motivated by the newspaper news...

Its just that the society needs all kind of workers.

Brainybeauty said...

guess there is sone fact which we all(the society)should realize in your post!

Brainybeauty said...
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Aisibi said...

This is for the Brain beauty... i dont know you, But let me tell you a basic fact.. Sex workers do not spread HIV. You should be aware that during the 'act' of sex, body fluids are passed from male to female and a very very negligible amount from women to men. HIV is spread thru body fluids and the sex workers unfortunately are at the receiving end of HIV and not the communicators of it. Put it down to our "moralistic" society to blame it on them. A man to contract HIV from a female has to visit her maybe 4-5 times to be infected. A woman has only one visit to confirm!!!
Your second question on the "dignified" jobs-- Let me tell you one thing, if it weren't for these prostitutes in our cities, can you imagine where all the sexual energy of our society would go to? Women walking on the roads, kids, rape, pervert sex... They infact help the so call "dignified" women walk dignified on the roads.
And one more thing, the Indian sex workers are the only sex workers in the world that are 99% condom friendly.
I know..because I work with them for them and among them.

Brainybeauty said...

greattt..!!!!!......but i can tell you one thing....you cant change the society's view point!..its good that you work for them....but..if you can convey your message on a larger media than a blog....i think it would help the sex workers in some way..which would change their lives!

Brainybeauty said...

hey aishatha..i think i know you...you are nusraththatha's daughter rite???....hey we are family friends!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

and the thing about
the fuss they create over it,
did you know that there exists something caled genital mutilation among some of the african tribes?
they say it is similar to circumcision done in men,
but when it comes to women,they excise the whole of her sexual organ,the clitoris.
read teh book'possessin the secret of joy'by alice walker for an intriguing experience about the fact.
do you know why they do it?
basically because,if it is done,woman will be left with nothing but a hole-called vagina,
and THIS hole can give men all that they need.and leave women with practically nothing.
when i say this,
you have to understand the truth about the vagina being only a mild very mild source of pleasure for women.
the other stuff about she getting an orgasm from intercourse is all made up.THAT will happen only if the imaginary G spot is present.something which is never seen.
the clitoris is the undiputed source of pleasure for a woman and the spot of self love for her.as teh penis in men.and this is what they CHOP off during female circumcision.
whenever i celebrate my womanhood,
i think of these women,and their lost pleasure.
i cry.
and definitely not atear of plesure.

Anonymous said...

well written.and MOSTLY true.but some disagreements.fat middle aged mothers..
too prejudiced.
you have written well really well
and yes,you have grown up too.

survivingbrain said...

@midnight murderer..
thanks for visiting, and thanks for commenting!!

Yes,i have heard of clitoridectomy, and i thought you may be interested in the following link..