Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Evil Monster - IV

Time and time she was reminded
There wont be shade all the time
For winter shall follow the spring

So it was said, so it was decided
To let years pass by
And if the she could stand the tree
The monster shall hold her hands

Sun has grown older, So did time
Some where it was written in bold
The princess shell be saved
A kingdom awaits with a prince

And there shall be a fortress
Which can shield her, day and night
For she is a princess
And shall not sleep under a tree

And the tree shall survive all the years
Though it would refuse anyone below it.

And the story teller retired.



Brainybeauty said...

okay so...will the tree give shade to some other better princess???

survivingbrain said...

how do I know??

ask the tree!!!


Brainybeauty said...

grrr....why doesnt the creator know what his creations will do???

Jobin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
survivingbrain said...

the story teller has retired!!!