Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feeling like.

The ability to feel like/feeling like something must be the most fascinating feeling in life.

Cant make out if I made any sense. (not that I makes sense out of my 'thoughtful,' alcohol induced(not always, though) statements)

I desperately need some feelings.

The feeling of chilled wind caressing my face, leaking through my hair to the other side, cooling down an agitated and frustrated stream of thoughts, hidden deep inside my mind.

The feeling that calms me down, when i drive slowly in the middle of the night, along the highway, riding up the western ghats, while it rains heavily outside.

The feeling of excitement, long lost.
The feeling of aggression.

The body discarded by its soul, flown presumably, to heaven or hell or wherever.

The body with a failed set of sensors and lost emotions.

Hard to spot a difference.
I prefer to be the first one.

. End of a feeling .

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