Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Your baggage sir...!!

Yes, I do hate this.

There is this skinny little girl, little in terms of height, probably in her middle twenties. She does security check, in front of one of Bengaluru's busiest shopping malls, The Forum. There is nothing wrong with the girl, and its not the girl that I am frustrated with. In fact, I would not mind to take that girl for a date, if permitted by (my-most-obvious)

Its not that I have a fascination for shopping malls. No I do not, and in fact I hate to be there. I prefer to stay away from the crowd, and all kinds of crowd (Unless its in a nudist resort) irritates me. All I need is to kill time, and I always prefer to browse at Reliance Webworld, as I am simply comfortable with this place. And they had one in Forum.

My inherent dislike to any security check comes from the fact that My bag always have atleast 5 pairs of wires of different types (Includes USB cables, serial cables, RJ45 connectors), Integrated circuit boards, Batteries, screw drivers, Nose pliers, Knives and at least ONE sharp edged device. Last time the Bangalore blast hapenned, I was roaming around in Blore with the aforementioned tools plus a couple of circuit boards with displays that resembled the displays of the time bombs that you see in the movies.

This time, its no better, as I was coming in aftershopping at the SP road, with a whole load of tools and electronic stuff. I ripped open the bag, and prepared my mind for all kinds of questions she would ask. I imagined being taken to the interrogation room, and things like that.

She looked into the bag, saw a mess of wires, saw the displays, and looked in to my face.

"Thank you sir, you can go now"

No wonder, the blasts continue.


The Dreamy Princess said...

"She looked into the bag, saw a mess of wires, saw the displays, and looked in to my face."

hmmm..maybe ur face was soooo innocent that she thought it might be for a science project...allpinne..

Jobin said...