Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Full Circle.

Started a life on a blue piece of rock
Started to live with a gray piece of flesh

Moving on to live with a thin line of light
Lighting up the mind with a fresh piece of want

To wake up the sun and ask to shine
To tickle the clouds and ask to rain

To clean up the wound and ask to bleed
To wipe up the eyes and ask for tears

To draw a name on the clean sand to read
To wait for the waves to wipe it clean

To sketch up a circle and trace it down
To walk a passage to a circle full grown.

To repeat the lone, lost wave
Of mistakes, crashes and burns. 


The Dreamy Princess said...

frankly i dint undrstand anythn..!!!

but i liked the rhyme..
and hummuch tym did u tak 2 make tht up? :-P

survivingbrain said...

well.. i guess it takes brains to understand that !!!

and unlike you, i dont take days to make things up !!;

well, all it takes is a few minutes before the rum disappears from the blood. or was that whiskey ??


The Dreamy Princess said...

i take days to make creative stuff that people can enjoy...

Brainybeauty said...

sathyam parayatte....
only a few words were understandable!!! dint kill me for that but seriously!!!...
look who is speaking..
as if her poems are written for the lay man..
now you too athira..dont kill me!!!

Brainybeauty said...

and yes..
i like those two dragons!!!

survivingbrain said...

ok ok...

for the guys who didnt get the poem,,..

well... even I am thinking what it was all about. But it made perfect sense when i wrote it !!!!

The Dreamy Princess said...

hey rly my poems r not gettn undrstudd???
thn wat d hell dus evry1 mean in deir cmmnts??

shiva said...

i loved the images.

survivingbrain said...

what images>