Sunday, May 10, 2009

insane transactions of the brain.

Its late at night and everything seems to be so meaningless. No, its not really the time that gives the feeling. Times have become too strange that even alcohol seems to bear a meaningless name tag. Worse, even meaninglessness seams to be meaningless.

Putting it into an other perspective - Nothing seems to matter. After all, the human being is nothing but a complex arrangement of atoms and molecules in a weird manner, so that they possess a feeling of thinking. May be, the feeling of thinking is called life.


Words fail to express the feeling of a complete vacuum. Just opening the eyes wide and staring straight to the white pate wall in front of me for hours didnt give me enlightenment either. But, what persists to give me the chill to the depths of my bones, is not my career, not the multitudes of issues that i am forced to face everyday. Still, I am scared. Of the truth. Or knowing that I do not know the truth. The realisation that world exists, even if we sin or not. Even when we die or not. Even if global warming kills the entire species. Even if Third front wins the elections. Even if the world is nuked.

Sun is supposed to eat earth, anyway. So whats the point?

To live life according to a set of rules written by some unknown assholes so that we can live peacefully in heaven? Sorry, dear, I refuce to buy it. Its high time we all realise, come what may, the world cares a damn. We are too small that, the universe even do not know we exist.

And the tenth std result becomes a matter of life and death.
People fight in the streets for a matter of 5 rupees.
People kill to get heaven after death.
People marry. (I still cant understand, why they have to make it legal - why cant they simple start living together?)
People refuce to marry a particular girl because she doesnt have the right bra size.

What is that really matters?

May be, the time we all die. Then, we would know, nothing really matters at all.

Sad, we have to wait till our death to know how to live.



The Dreamy Princess said...

"insane" is one word that suits you the best..


survivingbrain said...

as if it doesnt suit you at all..

The Dreamy Princess said...


it dsnt suit