Wednesday, August 12, 2009



now, what is pachees supposed to be? I have heard of this word before, but i was confused if it is 25 or 50. I dont want the rikshaw guy to take me for a ride, so the next thing i did is to text someone, who claims, has a good command over the language called hindi.

'50'. the SMS came back in no time. I was happy. I made a good looking fool out of myself last time, when i came down to delhi - That was when I was advised to take an auto if it costs less than 60. And then I refused to take an auto when the driver proposed "satt," and instead, asked him to take me for "sixty", to which he readily agreed. I thought I saved 20.

Coming back to the story - I walked down through the array of rickshaws, and when the next rikshaw guy came, i refused to go for 'pachees'.. Instead I proposed 'thirty' which he readily agreed. I got in with a smile, and being proud of being a good bargainer, in a world whose language i hardly know.

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The Dreamy Princess said...

goooooood work :P
wt i mnt ws "dumb" :)