Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stupid little boxes.


They may not be stupid. But they have tiny switches on them. Yes, with number on it. With speakers on it. I have started to hate this stupid little thing. I have been using them since 98. Yes, I was once proud that I was one of the very few users of mobile phone in calicut when this thing launched.

It was useless then too. Since I was mobile, people could reach me. The antenna of the phone would stick out of the pocket. That was a status symbol. And at one point of time, I was the only one who had a mobile phone in my entire college !!!

Well, that was more than 10 years back. I hardly used it. Outgoing was 12 rupee per minute, Incoming ans SMS were absolutely free. There was only one Service provider, escotel. Then came BPL mobile, and it was then incoming calls were charged.

The point of the post is not the history of mobile phones in calicut. I remember my school days. People didnt even have a land line at their homes. Still everything was working out well. We used to do everything that kids these days do. Yes, may be we could not record intimate moments of people making love. We could not send SMSs and MMS and tintumon jokes. We could not brag about the types of mobile phones each of us had. We could not watch porn on the phones. And I am very happy that we didnt do anything of these sorts then. We had better things to do.

Planing was simple. When we meet, we would say - next week, Sana hotel, 3.30 and everyone WILL be there. We would go to each others house. We were close. We were intimate. We were close to each other with friends. We didnt have time for loose talks. We played around, we travelled. We did not meet too many people, but what we had was enough.

Those were the best days.

Now, when I go with friends to have a coffee, four of us will be talking to someone on phone. By the time the bill come, we would have hardly talked. Everyone have thins thing glued on to each of their ears. People think we cant live without this. Well, even I had this thing glued to my ear for long. But i realised all the bad times I had was due to this stupid thing. Mobile phone have taken a toll on what i was. I am not what i used to be. I have become too pessimistic.

I have stopped carrying my phone these days. It was difficult. Too difficult. I want something to do when I wait for my food at the hotel. I normally eat alone. It was tough without the phone. If I had the phone, i would have called someone, and when I could not get a responce from the other side, i would feel bad. I would then accuse them for not picking up the call. The same thing they do when i dont pick the call.

Well, I am feeling far better. Even thoug it is just two days, I can live without it. I feel peaceful.
I am happy. Nothing is going wrong. I just need to be punctual. I need to use email. Things are getting better without the phone. The younger generation will disagree with me. They cannot live without it. Its because they will never know what they are missing. Because their relationships are mostly built over internet and phones, not in person.


DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

ur mentioning of escotel reminded me of a malayalam song.. 'ESCOTELLO.. BPLO.. NHAN NINTE MOBILE AAYENGIL..' hahahahhaah!!

well the present generation would not know what they're missing but facebook is much better to solve stupid fights than staring at each other awkwardly i guess. (a hypothetical situation)

survivingbrain said...

facebook is also a place you always starts fights.

Internet and phone hides the emotions and body language. You cannot understand a person if he knows to chat well. Words on the internet doesnt carry emotions. I can very well type in a 'huggs' smiley But i cannot do it without emotion in person.

In person, you feel the real emotion of the other person to you.

Tenzee... said...

i agree with Mr.Brain over here...
technology is driving all of us nuts!
for instance ... my dad gets a call every two minute when we are at a family event or something damn important!...
my mom goes on speaking on the phone that she is always unreachable.
whats the point if the whole world is too busy?
i really love the fact that i have youtube and net facilities in my super duper phone..btw..its a sony erricson walkman phone ...see..its a status mymbol nowadays!
i dont use it much phone is switched off most of the time which drives my friends crazy...and it remains recharged most of the time!
well...did i make any point??? if i care!

survivingbrain said...

hi hi..

Yes teenu, i am the techie, but i still have that black and white phone. People think the world need to be 'connected' for us to live.

Of course not.

Things are complicated because we use complicated things. We use things we dont want. We think that life is simple and we did a lot of things because we have the phone with us.


Its just making things complicated, its high time that we know. Lovers talk on phone overnight. They lose their individuality. They start to belive life cant go on without each other. And when they fight, they fight overnight. They waste time. They lose sleep. they lose a fresh mind.

Seriously. This thing is taking a toll on the good side of humanity. High time we know.

survivingbrain said...

and yes, thanks girls for the comments.

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

so see.
ur second last comment proves ur not against technology but agaisnt people 'wasting' themselves after love. typical.

midnight murderer said...

i havent read all the comments.
no time right now.
but about the post,
the thing is,
i AM part of the young generation you are referring to.
but i know and i believe that there is beauty in the owrld we live.
everything (ok exaggeration-almost everything) is beautiful if you decide on looking upon that side of it.the world can be beautiful.WITH phones.
WITh social networking sites.
WITh all the artificiality,mechanical lives we have.
WE ate happy.
in fact we are happy that we ARE missing something.
we are happy that we dont have all that you had.

for the happy , beautiful life.

resmi said...


painful heart said...
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Amith said...

It's great to know that you're a Techno- Freak :D
Btw, I find it very strange to believe the fact that you've started to hate the Mobile Phones.So, how you gonna kill your time while you travel in train.? (Ya,I have read somewhere in your blog that you used to calculate the average speed and the instantaneous speed of the train using your so called 'deranged brain' and 'mobile phone'!!)

Btw, I too belong to the younger generation that you're referring to.