Thursday, May 19, 2011

Martini Without Ice.


Bangalore gave me one of the worst throat infections i ever had, but that will not, at any cost hold me from having a sip at Purple Haze, when I am at Bangalore. The music has been getting pathetic these days, or may be, new DJs have joined in, whose taste of music doesnt exactly match with mine. But then, today was fine, the good ol guy who enjoy my kind of music was playing something I liked.

Refreshing. Its been a long time I heard Van Halen, and not many times have I seen this video.  I asked for a Martini extra dry, stirred, without ice, and that was great.

Right now, you better watch the video.

If it doesnt make any sense to you, nothing will probably.
(Or you can try watching it with a Martini)

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