Sunday, August 28, 2011

oops. I am.


Oops. yes.
I am a techie. I am jealous. I am contagious. I am what i am not. I am what you do not want to be. I am a fool to believe. I am negotiable. I am vulnerable. I am a new smoker. I am a new chain smoker. I buy lots of stationery that i do not use. I love cats. I love to drive in the rain. I love to take care of certain people. I am an athiest. I am a poor manager of money. I am in debt. I am spoiled. I am not that fat and i do not want to put up weight. I am a poor singer but i sing a couple of songs well. I play guitar but only selected songs. I love to walk in the rain, nude. I believe in fate. I believe that heaven and hell do not exist. I am hated by most of the people who know me. I drive quite fast when in the mood. I love to have sex with a girl who loves me. I am not a virgin. I say i do not regret my mistakes but deep inside i doubt it. I do not want to have kids. I do not want to have a life partner. I want to travel a lot with a girl who loves my kind of music and loves my way of travel. I am not obsessed with money. I own a black and white phone. I take astro photographs and I am really good in it.  I know to operate most of the telescopes. I do not know how to call on an I phone. I use a car my father bought with his money. I love to make cocktails. I love to listen to Lynrd skynrd and Led zeppelin and Blue oyster cult. I love to drive with a girl i like and hold her hands when I drive. I like very few guys who I know. I am getting old. The best kiss I ever had was in my car. I have not felt peace of mind in the last 15 years. I started smoking cigarettes only a couple of months back. I have a dirty mind. I am very selfish.   I am a sadist sometimes. I am jealous of guys who look better than me. I am jealous of girls who are taller than me and who can drive a car better than me. I am not confident in riding a geared motor cycle. I draw faces of the satan very well. Iam really scared of getting any kind of injection. I close my eyes when i watch a really scary movie. I hate to watch an emotional movie because it disturbs me. I am a liar, sometimes. Mostly, I try to be honest. I have very few good things in me. I want to be a simple man. I want to have sex with women of all race. I want to be loyal to my wife, if i ever marry. I want to get un-drunk. I love chocolates. I love my hometown and I want to live there through out my life. I want to be someones best friend. I want to sleep peacefully. I want to make someone happy. I love to see many of my friends sad. 

Oops. I am drunk. 
I know I will regret this post when i wake up tomorrow. 
But as my policy goes, I never edit my post. So let it be. May be, this is what i really am.


Nefertiti said...

love this post...the honesty, the confessions, the naive ramblings

I had written an "I Am" post a month back, but sadly I was sober then...

survivingbrain said...

thanks for the comment.

and for me, honesty and confessions come naturally when i am drunk. I think i should take care not to get drunk in future when girls are around ! ;)

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

a lot of repetitions..

and why do u love seeing ur frnds sad?!

survivingbrain said...

do you expect me to be counting the phrases and see if things repeat, when i am drunk>??

I am a sadist. Hence.

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

right.. i guess i knew that would be the replies. frank work. as always. like it.