Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beware of valentines day

I know this is not that time of the year. And i am nosupporter of that day, but i dont mind that day either. We have mothers day, fathers day, teachers day, engineers day, doctors day, grand fathers day(It might be there), water day, earth day, forest day, environement day,... so, wtf, let it be and let people do what they want on that day.

but then, i stumbled upon this site, somehow, and i dont know if I am to laugh or not. The whole website is worth a read. I dont feel disturbed, but i do think we all have to do something about unemployment these days.

I dont intent to disturb any 'communal harmony' with post, - , i am born hindu, but I have to say no one has to go to this end. Practicing what you believe in, and not looking at others, is the best way you can live in peace.

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