Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The set of chemicals theory.


this post reminded me of one of my old theories - the set of chemicals theory which can define human beings.

So, if you split parts of human being, to its minutest form, we can conclude that we are, nothing but a set of chemicals combined together. And we do not 'think' and make decisions, the chemicals re arrange according to external stimuli, the net result of it, is what we decipher as 'thinking'.

No one usually agrees to me in this, but  wtf. I strongly believes in it, cause It is my own. :P

its just like the river. as the river flows, it do a lot of things. it filters on its own, and do something related to external stimuli - like heat, excess water etc. Human beings, or any other 'living' being as we call it, are just like that, but with more complex processes.

Blame it on the neuro transmitters and motor neurons. Its all their fault.



DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

strongly disagree.

ur too science-y.

survivingbrain said...

when did you agree anything what I said?

Its not that i am too science. Its that you are too much in a fantasy world.

Pearl said...

U learned too much about neurons..that's the prob..I agree to the chemical processes related with thinking but there are more to it..just just posted the part what u strongly believe..there is more to it

Sloth said...

Thats actually a good way of thinking about it. Every time i see someone not making any sense, I will blame it on their neurons