Tuesday, November 13, 2012

of losers and winners.


This word has been of interest to me lately. I always wondered what that could mean. It made perfect sense when two people has to compete with certain common goals, like the stupid cricket match. The term loser is well defined there. Or any other games, as all games has the sole purpose to determine the winner and loser. 

So when it comes to real life, where, I believe, we are not in a competition with anyone or anything, how cane we probably call someone a loser or winner? unless we agree on the guidelines of books which says "you can win" or "ways to be successful" or stuff like that??

So i googled for the definition of "loser", and the urban dictionary gave out some interesting results:

"A disgusting person with no future, except for lung cancer, if that counts as a future. This person is really nasty and reeks of smoke. They have no ability to make effective decisions and therefore make a lot of stupid mistakes in life. They tend to spend money unwisely and have no idea how to get ahead or improve themselves, if they even care to think about it. A loser has such disdain for the world they live in that they just toss trash (for example cigarette butts) on the ground. They are filled with such self-hatred that they don't even really care to quit smoking. Basically a loser is lower than human shit, and they are that way of their own making."

"People who have little or no contact with people because they are afraid of being rejected again like they have been before. Therefore they have no friends. They usually have a low paying job or aren't very successful in school if they are in currently getting an education. They do not have any talent what so ever. And are sometimes pot heads or alcoholics.
The loser committed suicide because he could not continue knowing that he was a loser."

Damn these people who defined all these things. If they had not defined, i would not have to look and see if my profile matches any of these. I also wanted to browse for the meanings of words i never understood, like "selfish", "jerk", "stud", "bitch", "slut", this and that. Qualities which we all accuse people of, not knowing everyone has their own definition of all these words, These words, man made obviously, brings a lot of sadness into people, make people scared of their own self, make people feel they are not doing the right thing. 

I do fit very well into the two above definitions, as i smoke well, i never took any effective decisions, never managed money, never wanted to improve, have a very very small social circle, and dont have any particular "talent". If that makes me one, well, let it be, I think i am very comfortable with the way it is now, and i dont plan or intend to change it any time in the near future. 

Damn these literature guys. Wish we where like cats, we just have a few limited type of meows, to convey "i need food", "this is my territory", "get lost", "lets have sex" and "i am going to sleep - dont disturb"

The more granular and refined you are in expressing what you feel, or the more vocabulary you have, the more vocabulary you will have to use to fix things up.


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