Sunday, February 03, 2013

The damned yellow flag.


I was happy i am back to my hometown for the weekend. The salty breeze of the beach. Cutlets at french bakery. Pattiri from Zains. Nothing worked out. The beach was so crowded with yellow flags, and crazy people who follow the yellow flag.

I wondered. If Sree Narayana Guru came to know about this, he would be beating the shit out of the people who lead this group. In his name.

He worked for one caste, one religion and one god, and the idiots who uses his name wants the betterment of their own caste.




Anonymous said...

Asshole neeyaada nayinte mone.....thanthaykku pirakkatha marappatti kazhuveri

survivingbrain said...


As expected.

Athira Unni said...