Monday, March 25, 2013

The habitat


This looks like a long one.

I was always fascinated with the way brain works. Not just human brain, any brain. Even the freaking ant has more brain power than most of the machines ever built. Then, as a result of some stupid change in the DNA structure at some point of time, human beings evolved, over millions of years. They invented tools, metals, chemicals and machines. They learned to fly things, made bombs and made artificial rain. They even made artificial species of plants and animals. They made a sheep without a father. And then, the ultimate: they even made God. No species in the entire universe would have created/given birth to his own father. Well, all in the name of making the world a better place. No wonder i was too curious about the brain. Ultimately the brain does it all.

Most of my life, i loved fame and attention. I dont want fame these days, because it will be difficult to take part in the immoral activities i so enjoy doing now. But then, the childhood dream of being known as a great scientist made me oriented towards science and over the period of time science became a passion, rather than a tool to attain fame. As a result of my inability to accept any kind of argument originating from anyone else but mine, i ended up putting myself in lot of deep s***, which anyways i continue to do till date. Sadness, Jealousy, anger, frustration, ego, and a long list of them kept recurring. All originating from the stupid old grey matter. Since the brain does not appreciate these feelings, I sought of finding how these things come into the brain in the first place, and if possible, how to put a stop to these things.

Some how, i managed to understand brain in a good way. It took years, but i did come up with a self satisfying model, where i could understand how it works from a higher level, and to a very small extent, at a micro level. The understanding is more at a higher level defining how brain learns, how living beings might have started to evolve. The most important, exciting and at the same time depressing, understanding was on how life might have originated. I refused to look into the journals or textbooks involving neurons and brain, so that the thoughts dont get influenced. It helped, in coming up why emotions come in, why we become sad, why we become happy, and why we become angry, and so on.

To put everything in a nutshell, we will have to blame it all on evolution. The emotions are obviously, the creation of evolution, and the basic emotion of happiness and sadness are essential because, without which, the species of Homosapiens Sapiens would have been extinct long time back. This again, made me depressed for a long time, as the understanding that our 'achievements' or 'success' as we call it, are not ours,  and the results of your hard work is not yours. Equally, your failures are not yours, and your mistakes are not mistakes.

On a larger note, if a drop of rain falls from the cloud, we would not call it the mistake of the drop of rain. It fell because it has to, following the laws of nature. We blaming a killer is as equal as the other raindrops blaming the fallen raindrop. Was it right? wrong? immoral? illegal?

The other scariest understanding was the realisation that human beings should be on the verge of extinction. Not because of the nuclear bombs or global warming, but because of the life stlye skipping a million years. Removing the scientific side of my model, let me put it in simple words: Evolution spans generations, and the features of the human body gets transmitted to the next generation through the sperm and the egg. Looking back, technology and life stlye have changed comparatively slowly, spanning centuries, making the next generation fit into the environment. The development and the changes in the last century, was scarily fast - Electromagnetic waves filled our airspace in a couple of decades. Our finger movements has to adapt from the typewriter to a computer keyboard, to a touch screen monitor, all in one generation. The food we eat changed to processed food, carbonated water, and the so called junk food. Then, the genetically modified food. All in one generation. The habitat changed and the air we breath is considerably different from the mid twentieth century. We eat apples that cannot rot. The legs that walked kilometers do not walk that much now, it instead drives the accelerator pedal. The skin that was designed to take the heat and cold of the region now feels the cool conditioned air. We have a million types of chemicals disguising as medicines. Our body, which evolved to be fit for an eighteenth century environment now feels radiation and chemicals exhausts. The eyes, adapted to the colours and the sunlight of the region now strains itself on computer screens and tablet screens. This explains the necessity of millions of drugs available in the medical store, which also came in the last couple of centuries.

All in the name of making the world a better place to live in, isnt it?

Emotions has to change as body conditions change, as the brain gets nourished with the food we eat. The brain patterns get confused when it receives unfamiliar patters from the 5 known senses. The brain, whose basic learning of involuntary actions are perfect for the last decade of centuries, behaves erratically, and will, or should lead to unexpected results. We can see that in the reduced level of immunity to diseases, as the environment is different from what the brain knows.

Science will advance again. At a more scary rate. So will the emotions we have, we will be subject to changes which would have been ideal if slow.

We need to slow down. No one wants a premature ejaculation. Sadly, no one thinks of it when they do it fast.

We will not be able to protect the habitat we live in. Because we all, all over the world have the same set of genes, who wants to do it fast, no matter how hard we know it and try. Just like dinosaurs, We will be extinct soon, may be in less than a thousand years.

I was not very sure if i should share the model of brain to people, as it is still an understanding, which have to be proven by scientific methods. It is still a draft, which need to be validated in the chemical level.  But then, i had a chat with a very good friend of mine regarding the model explaining emotions. She suggested i share it with people, explaining it without much of scientific terminologies. So i will be putting it up in a separate blog, here. For once, i would want this to be a private blog, open only to people who is interested in it, so it is open to invited readers, here. If you would like to read it, i will be happy to invite you, whoever you are,  please send me your gmail ID to my email ID given in my profile, or do post a comment in this post.


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