Sunday, June 23, 2013

The birth of Smoky Jo.


And it is already June. Before i knew it. I added another digit in my age a couple of months back. And a lot of tar in my lungs and alcohol in my blood. What was not there, was weed. Not that i could not get it, i did not want it. 

I have a new part time job now. I am the DJ at a pub here, well known for classic rock. Playing on Mondays and Tuesdays. Needless to say, i enjoy the work. My alcohol has gone down, and my smoking has gone up. the seasonal high. I also have lost weight. And i did cut my hair. Well, shaved my hair off. Completely. 

I am screwed up, in many ways. Nothing new. Well, one thing gets replaced by another. 

I am getting disconnected. From the things people call life. I am getting more connected to the things people dont call life. If somebody understood what i am talking about, i want to talk to you. 

I can see how different i have become. Past the transition phase, from the old me to the new me, i can see significant features in me which will shape my next few years. For now, I am Smoky Jo. The one which i never planned to be, but the one which i have become. 

I am not worried about the insane things i might do. I am only worried about the sane things i might do. 

Let me see how it goes. 


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