Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's day

Another Feb 14 comes here, and as every years pass by, i know I am getting more distant from the cause of the day.

I do not know as to what keeps me away from the joys of the day, or what irritates me when i see articles topped with red roses on the days newspaper

I do not believe i had a serious failure with love
for i do not think i have fallen in Love
and I do not know what falling in Love feels like

That strange and sad feeling I used to have
When the chair in front of me remain Vaccant at the Restaurant

That strange and serene feeling I used to have
When I drive down the highway alone
That strange and cold feeling inside
When i stare at the stars, lying on the beach

People say someday, u'll get married cause everyone need somebody
And you should have kids So that they look after you

I do not know so many things about Love and partnership
But I do know that I know
That deep inside, i desire
The chair in front of me
at the restaurant
remain Vaccant.

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