Saturday, April 21, 2007

getting fat (or a pot belly)

(signs when you get fat)

gone are those days when i always had to use a belt, because they don't sell jeans with a waist size less than 28. They still don't sell them, but now i have to purchase the ones with a size 32. Reality bites. Sure it does.

1) Now i can rest my hands on my stomach
2) You have to purchase new set of jeans, yes, underwears too (I mean, a whole new wardrobe)
3) You still keep the old pair of jeans, hoping that you will get slim one day (you never will, obviously!!)
4) My thighs touch each other while walking (now this is a tough one)
5) I am forced to change the way i walk (i walked this way 27 years) just because my thighs touch each other, and it burns the skin
6) Loosen your pant button every time you eat something
7) Cant tuck in your shirt
8) You get a guilty feeling when you eat something good
9) You try to change your mirror thinking the mirror is slightly bulged
10) When everyone says you have got fat, you think they are lying... (no they aint)

.... and many, many more....
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Brainybeauty said...

common u aint that bulky!