Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Truth that lies

And when darkness spreads around me
And when i cant see through my mind
I cry out to see if
There is someone around me

I feel around and hear
voices around me
The sound seems so near
but far away from me

And one voice, i am used to hear
once in a while when i cry out loud
tells me there's nothing to fear
and not to cry out loud

And the voice murmers in my ear
thoughts that makes me feel good
whispers in my mind, things that i am
and powers i never knew i had

and as time passes, the voice vanish
and as i get along with the darkness
and i look for my powers the voice said
and understand,i dont have any

Its a voice that speaks
things that you dont have
Its a voice that tries to make you happy
With a lie, and not the truth

Because its a voice that
is not sincere with you
Because voices carry words
And words dont carry deeds.

The similarities of this post to any living being is not a coincidence. It is a deliberate attempt to manifest how i think of some things that as happened. It has, by no means, no intentions to hurt any one, but neither do i want to be the voice that tries hard to console, by shelling out a lie.


The impulsive RAM said...

it hurts only when the concerned person reads it!!

lonely planet said...

well - since the concerned person and the unconcerned person and pretty much everybody on the planet seem to to know what is being discussed.... I guess I'd better not try and unravel this delicate mystery that it seems to be... !!

survivingbrain said...

previously, i posted the same comment under another name, by mistake.

the original post:

"Well, if the concerned person has read it and really got hurt, i guess i might be wrong.

But i am not sure if it will really hurt the person."