Friday, July 27, 2007

The Soul Mate (aka alcohol)

As the sun began to shine

On the other side of the world,

I strolled down the street

To my partner, my life mate

No candle lights, no etiquettes

No customs, no prayers

We stared at each other,

Right into the eyes

The obscure face, the faint lights

No gifts to exchange, no expectations

We felt the warmth of each other

Even without a touch

The lovable eyes, and the cute face

For me, and may be, for some others

For she aint loved by many

And married women, keeps her away

I reached my hands, caressed the face

Smooth but firm, it gave a sparkle

No love to be given, no jewels to be bought

No lipsticks to be eaten, no hymen to be broken

Hands tremble, legs wobble

As she melts into me

I lay floating, above my thoughts

There aint solutions to be found

As I wash my face in the morning sun

I wish yesterday never happened

And I carry the days leftover

A headache, a torn pocket, a lost appetite.

1 comment:

Kappu said...

Brilliant!!! LOVED it to bits! and hey but the title sorta gives it away :)