Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Evil Monster - II

Never caring about others emotions,
The evil monster loves to play with emotions.

Others emotions.

So was it,
Another casual day
and then came the fairy tale princess.

flaunting as many emotions
a simple teenage girl can
Looking for a shade
in the bright sunshine

four years has passed
since she saw
the tree and the shade
the monster showed her.


Brainybeauty said...

so ..the chakkar went on for four years huh???

survivingbrain said...

lol.. what chakkar??

Dont jump into conclusions. At least on my blog. The targeted reader will understand what i really meant, there is nothing obvious in my writings.

The point is, things may not be like what you are thinking...there are chances where you can go completely wrong...

Brainybeauty said...

at least i got the person right!!!...and i wont go completely wrong!!! impossible!!!

survivingbrain said...

You dont even have a hint of what i am writing.. In fact I dont give too many hints either.. So any conclusion may not be correct. I would ask you not to assume, because 90 out of 100, what you assume could be wrong..

Brainybeauty said...

haha..heehee...very funny...but i bet you...i will find out ...almost all what you are presently hiding now!...hey why cant you just help me win...when that wont make you lose anything???