Tuesday, November 06, 2007


"There is no one other than you
I am most comfortable with you

With you around, I dont see anyone
With you around, I dont need anyone
With you around, I am most secure

My love is eternal,
Dies with me"

said she.

He asked her
to open her eyes
she refused.

And time cured her insanity.

Then she opened her eyes
to the world
All past went absurd.


Brainybeauty said...

very realistic!!!

rakhi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rakhi said...

Some people feel that they can do anything in life.No matter what they say or do,life will move on in their own terms.But they are not bold enough to admit things.The truth and realitiy of life.
Once their hypocrisy is realised they can't take it.Still.......the blame is on others.......???

survivingbrain said...


I am a bit confused. Did my post sound like "he" was blaming "she"? or "she" blaming "he"??

I didnt mean either. No body was blaming anyone. It only meant it will take TIME for people to realize certain things.

rakhi said...

I thing ur blog is about you and people around you.Any resemblance is intentional.Naturally anyone who knows u and the so called life that you present before people will know what u where saying.And by the way this is just a comment depending on my reading ur blog.Why should you be so upset on it.Whetther it is a he or she,what difference does it make - if you didn't mean either

survivingbrain said...

Yes, you are right, its about people around me. And I am not upset in any terms as to your comment, in fact i am happy when someone feels like commenting on my blog.

If the reader got things in a perspective the author didnt mean, it is the failure of the author in terms of representation and selection of words. Yes, I am concerned in that sense.

rakhi said...

may be

Akkayi said...

after doing all things on earth to change someone how can u blame time for the change. ... and this comment is on the basis of ur claim to someone that this was inspired by that person. well i think this is the height of double standard

survivingbrain said...

Not really.

No blames were intended on any one. If it sounds like any blame was fired, i believe i have painted a misrepresentation.

Only time can change certain things. And human beings are gifted with two things - the power to remember and the power to forget. The power to forget can be used only with time.

I am happy with the changes. things worked out as i wanted them to be.