Wednesday, October 31, 2007

doggone days

Yes, (My) dogs are gone.

Even though I dont own the dogs, I always call them my dogs. With them around, no down to earth burglar, goonda, criminal of any kind, or even the good old innocent looking passerby would dare to enter the compound. There aint any kennel house, and they were never tied in their entire life!!! (Yes, except when they are given a bath)

Sigh.. they are gone.

With the death of my house owner, (I live on the top floor) his wife, now 71, was left alone, with my company and the two dogs. And you can guess what my company is like. So she decided to move to chennai, to her sister.(Not entirely because of my company) And the dogs were sent to a dog loving family in Thrissur. One was a BIG black LAB, the other one a breed even the finest dog breeder will fail to understand. The only things these dogs are afraid of is the friendly neighbourhood tom cat, who loves to slap them once in a while!! Yes, I aint joking!!

Anyway, they are gone. Truth is really depressing.
More depressing, I have to find a new house!!

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Brainybeauty said...

i think that you can find a new house somewhere near a petshop or a vetinary hospital...sothat you can see dogs of all types...n mingle with them!