Monday, October 15, 2007

The difference

We can set our dreams, to make the world a better place. We shed out tears, when we see the down trodden. We lend our helping hand to the old lady down the street. Food is offered to the hungry, empty kid. We extend a holding hand to the lonely, tearful soul. We sympathize and empathize with the people we feel sad of.

Some of us want to make the world a better place.

And yes, the old lady died happily. And the kid never felt hungry again. The lonely heart lived life with lots of love around. Yes, we made some of them feel better.

And then years passed by. As we all go back to our place in the universe, it becomes so obvious..

Even if we shell out the kindest acts of sympathy, or turn into Mother Teresa (with all due respects to the fine lady), or cry hard for Mother earth(Yes, i do love nature), the world remains the SAME!!!

It doesnt matter if the kid died of hunger.. it doesnt matter if the world turned utopia while we died. It doesnt matter if the world exists for the human species.

The sun still shines the same. Come what may.

Change the world syndrome? Fair and unfair world? exam depression? Love lost?


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REVATHY said...

The difference.
As its clear from the post, the writer seems to be a born athiest and is brinking with pessimism...
Its you who decide whether you want to make a difference. If others want, why should it concern you??? Anyway, being an atheist, you wouldn't believe in afterlives... So you are not gonna be around to see whether your good deeds have had their effects on mankind and related species.. See, "A thing of Beauty is a joy for ever"-- Keats.. When you make world a better place to live in, naturally, it looks more beatiful.. The satisfaction in seeing the 'difference' you made is overwhelming... The question is whether you are ready to be the one to make the difference than be a passive observer of the show.. Its easy to comment on others actions.. It takes certain amount of courage to do something about it rather than taking up the " Its going to be just the same" atitude.. Why should you bother whether the things you started would remajn forever or not... the changes you brought about are eternal or not.. Nothing remains unchangfed... not even the universe of which we are a part.. Forget what happens in the future , See what you can do now...

Just posted my honest opnions... No offence, Boss...