Monday, October 22, 2007


I wish this species never walked Earth. Even though that would make me homosexual.
No .. there are other options. Man should have been uni sexual. like the amoeba??

I dont know if the emotion can be called hate. The male of the species have not irritated me this much. Right from the ages of Cleopatra, woman has been the root cause of many wars, bloodsheds, mutiny, and all kind of disasters man can think of. (Oxford recently changed the proverb. the new version says - behind every war, there is a woman.) Still, women refuse to discontinue the tradition, and they follow it with all pride, as if it is their birth right. No, I never engaged in any kind of war, quarrel, dogfight, catfight, word fight, or any fights whatsoever in the name of a woman, but i did have a great deal of broken relationships. And as I approach the age, when every MAN is supposed to tie the "knot", i am digging out reasons for not doing so. Here are some...

1) Very, very expensive
2) Needs protection 24x7
3) High maintenance
4) Least on brain, high on gossip
5) Talks when she should be silent
6) And vice versa
7) Cant possess more than one.. its catastrophe!!
8) Stores the biggest weapon against men .. sex
9) And uses it against men to get things done... grrrrrrr

as always, more contributions are invited from more experienced, unlucky men.

I am not a women hater.. (Even though i love to hate them)

But i wish they evolve.. and gave men more space...
sigh.. except for the periods and pregnancy..

its a womans world!!!



Brainybeauty said...
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Brainybeauty said...

not all women are irritatinn!!!

Aisibi said...

He he.. know what jjobin, stop trying to decode women, just sit back and enjoy our crazy rule.. Its no more about feminism and chauvinism..its the fight of the sexes and we fight "fair" :P

Vera_Veracious_Voracious said...

Well, this is the kind of generalisation, most women I'm friends with hate...
I guess, "Generalisation" is what [i]almost[/i] all men are experts at.. It is crystal clear from your post that your hatred(????) for women originated from broken relationships. Well, then, let me tell you something pal, if you've had many such cases then the problem is not with the women, but with you.
The reasons
>Your ability to relate to these women must be really low.. (a close friend of mine once told me that if you find it hard to maintain a relationship, that's because of our inablilty to relate to them)
>You took them for granted
>They might not have been comfortable with your atitude towards the society..
>Your expections from them must have been too high for them to meet with or too low for them to come down to.. hehehe

Anyway, I'm not here to fight over who should rule the planet, man or woman..
Adeu brethren..

survivingbrain said...

@ brainybeauty - yes girl, not all women are irritating!! the less irritating ones are evolving, slowly.

:D :P

@aisibi - YOu fight fair?? you dont even have to fight!! Men sometimes loses to woman not because woman fights fair ("fair" in womens world relates to only one thing - fair and lovely) its just because there are still dumb men around who will fall for a girl. So you dont have to do anything (even if you had to do anything, what would you do?? :P)

Yes dear, I just dont do well with them. May be I refuse to change for them. I am happy that I have less abilities to relate to them.. That gives me lot of freedom. The amount of freedom that i get from not being with a woman is far better than the emotional support one can get from a girl, eventhough many stupid men may say its nice to be enslaved by a woman.

I have nothing personal with the female people i meet, but if you ask me if you would prefer a world without woman, I might say YES.
Yes, a world without sex. (and religion)

The perfect dream??

Brainybeauty said...

women have certain negatives..ya i agree...but not more than guys are sick barbarians... and by the way ,isnt your mom a woman???...hope you dont hate her!!