Saturday, May 03, 2008

That red coloured feeling I used to hate.

I threw it down the alley
When i thought it was useless

I threw it down hard
that it broke into pieces

I threw it down hard
A long long time ago

I threw it away fast
My hands were all full

Now that my hands are all empty
I need a full heart

I am looking back down
Now time has flown away

I am creeping down the alley
to get them broken pieces

I got no piece
The alley has been cleaned

Now I need it bad
But i have thrown it all away


sabana said...

What were u searching for?Is it your Love or ur Life?

The Dreamy Princess said...

whatever it was, this just goes to show that u dont have to give away what you already have without a rethinking...

Brainybeauty said...

you should have thought before you leaped!

survivingbrain said...

I didnt leap

But anyway, There are lots of things we lose.

Once its a habit, it wont seem to be a matter.


survivingbrain said...
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The Dreamy Princess said...

a loss a habit??

Brainybeauty said...

its better to make things which makes us regret not a habit!

survivingbrain said...

we dont "make" habits.

it becomes the part of our life.

topic of my next post.

The Dreamy Princess said...

thnx for the warning