Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting them answers.


Yes, I am getting old.
Do i need a makeover?

Yes, the days are getting short.
Do I need a change of work?

Yes, the knots are getting broken
Do I need an relation - guru?

Yes, my belly is getting bigger
Do i need a work out regime?

Yes, my tongue loves to shell a lie
Do i need a moral instructor?

Yes, the alcohol is still my soulmate
Do i need a rehab?

Yes, my vision is filled with pessimism
Do i have to be an optimist?

Yes I have a bad bank statement
Do i need a consultant?

The woman who had a makeover.
friend who changed the job.
man whos been to the doctor.
The man who has a six pack.
The vicar at the church.
perfect teetotaler.
The optimist man.
man with a 7 figure account.

I met them all.

And my questions remained

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