Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dumpos are for ever.

I remember the anxious eyes
and the confused gesture

"Did you get my letter?"

I remember the innocent eyes
Which leaked at every possible cause

"When will you stop it?"

I remember the fun filled evenings
And the nature trecks

"How long will it last?"

I remember the hard fights
Over the expected phone calls

I remember the make ups
and the knot tied and untied

"How long is it to the next fight?"

I remember the usual humm
When you are out of money to call

"I am still a student"

And I remember the usual hmmmmm
When you have the job

"I spent it all"

And I still remember the 3 month thing
Which you are so good at

"May be its a year after my marriage"

And I normally forget the good times
and the times when we talked

which was just enough to keep it going
all these ten years of knowing

And it was not me, who kept it going
I owe it all to you.

(Now this post doesn't have anything to do with love, or marriage or friendship - just in case if it sounds like it. )


The impulsive RAM said...

Thanks.....its beautiful... and it rhymes with 'Diamonds are forever'.... he he!!!

survivingbrain said...

Diamonds are for ever??

see, how people misguide their thoughts!!