Saturday, April 12, 2008

The other side


The summer rain gives occasional surprises for sure. It was another cold evening, and unlike the usual routine, i was sharing a table with three of my colleagues. The roof top restaurant/bar was fine, but lacked good service. But it gave a clean, nice view of the national highway down, which i cross at least six to seven times a day. My thoughts dissolved into the work to be completed, and the food and the beverages that are yet to come.

There was this loud, sudden thud, minus the screech of tyres that accompany it, probably due to the rain and the wet road. The highway below was notorious for its accidents and hit and run incidents. As I jumped into the view, I was expecting to see another car, bashed into the bottom of another car, which was business as usual.

But there was this man, in his late twenties, hit, thrown into the road. I hoped to see a bit of life, a cry, at least a bit of movement of his limbs, but all i could see was the motionless body. The windshield was crushed, the face sunk in blood. I saw the driver coming out, people rushing in, and the body being rushed to the hospital, in the same car.

I dont know if he is alive, but if he is not, I just saw a life being taken away. Death comes in at the most unexpected time, may be, thats one good thing about it (for the person who dies)

What I saw did make me restless. Not that I am seeing an accident for the first time. In fact, I have thrown a bike rider into air with my car. I have seen blood, have seen live accidents a lot. Have seen people suffering, at my visit to the Medical college.

But, this one was different. It was not the fact that "this person could be dead" that affected me. Its just that, I , could be in his shoes, of the victim, as well as the car drivers. it could have been me crossing the highway. It could have been me driving the car. It could be me, who spends the rest of my life paralyzed.

Its just the understanding, that the other side of life could be death. Though I always wanted the other side, I know things could be different on the other side.

Yes, the grass seems to be greener only from the other side. And mirages do recur in my vision.

But why is it that I know it, and still..

Its better on the other side?

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