Monday, October 20, 2008

Soulmate -IV

Pitch black skies of a single shade
Sinking into my fading eyes

Cold streams of thin breeze
Flirting with my careless ears

Warm drips of shy ethanol
soothing down my cold throat

Sharp frames of abstract vision
giving way to blurred ones

Sliding myself to the eternal serenity
I always used to love

Shredding them all
for something I never liked

Dragging myself hard through
Winds of unused emotions

Fours years of unsung feelings
Put into chords of unknown pitch

I'm singing a song I never wanted
But Its giving me something I never had
(dated 23 September 2008. turning point, i guess.)


shiva said...

is it a transition, i mean the turning point?

Jobin said...

turning point = transition.

in this case.

The Dreamy Princess said...