Friday, October 03, 2008

The ugly side.

The human body. A real wonder. The complex neurons and the chemicals run from the brain to the multitudes of nerve endings, giving signals to actuate smallest of the muscles, impart the feelings of pleasure, pain and emotions.  Every single cell has a job to do.

The clothes, and the skin covers the whole process. The pieces of jewels that adorn the bright modern clothing. They gives the shining and the aura to the body. 

There is always the naked body that we love to look at.  There has to be a wonderful body hidden between the lustful diamonds, we believe. We fantasize in mind the beauty of the nude. 
Only to be disappointed by the ugly side. 

Every naked body has an ugly side.

I too have a body. sigh.


shiva said...

i liked it.all beautiful things do have an ugly side to it.its just that none of us r really ready to accept both the same way.

Jobin said...

you cannot accept both the same way.

And you should not accept both the same way.

just being able to accept is enough.