Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good old friend.

When I used to push hard
You were with me, through thick and thin

When I tried to make up with some one
You were with me, all along the time

When I tried to build up a dream,
You were with me, until the end

When I tried to win a match
You were watching the game, all along the game.

When I struggled to make my living
You were with me, rubbing my shoulders

When I struggled to realise my passion
You were alongside, on my side

You rode with me, you slept with me
You ate with me, shared your life with me

Stay away from me for a while
For I would love to miss you.

Dear old Failure, I would love to miss you.


The Dreamy Princess said...


i liked this post..!!

Brainybeauty said...
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Brainybeauty said...

no could you think of writing something like this about your old buddy(failure)...
never ask it to leave you...i think you both make a perfect couple....

The Dreamy Princess said...

n wat proof is there that ur old buddy has divorced you jobin sir?